Sunwarrior’s Scoop Makes Protein Easier To Get

Sunwarrior Scoop

Protein powders have their place in the world, and there’s plenty of people extolling their benefits. More to the point, there are plenty of companies making protein health food products that are made of powder. But one thing shared by all the companies is that there’s no easy way to scoop out the protein powder from its container: do you tip it over into a bowl? Do you dig at it with a spoon? Do you put it away and say you’ll go for it another time or just give up and expect to make a mess and end up spilling more than you’re getting hold of? The Sunwarrior company, makers of plant-based protein powders, answer is to do something about it — and to do that right at the point of most concern, the container itself. Because they’ve built a scoop right into the lid of their various protein powder selections. Here’s how it works.

So you open one of Sunwarrior’s protein powder containers — perhaps their Classic Protein or Classic Plus or one of the others. You’ve taken off the lid, but instead of just putting it aside, look on its backside (the inside of the lid). You’ll see that a scoop, flattened out, is attached there. An easy pull-out removes the scoop, resembling more of a flat disc at this point. Then you just pop it out so that its “scoop” shape returns. Now you have the means for removing the protein powder without fuss, without muss and certainly without concern about getting bits caught beneath your fingernails or scattered all about. Give the scoop a few taps at the edge of the mouth of the container to dislodge any remnants and flatten it back down to its initial shape. Then replace it back to where you first got it inside the lid and close the lid. You’re done.

Now all this might sound incredibly obvious, but the fact is that no one has thought to do this before. So it’s about Sunwarrior creating a flip lid with a collapsible scoop, stepping up to the protein plate and hitting a home run.

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