Light Up The Night With The Luminoodle LED Rope Lights

Luminoodle LED Rope Lights

Having light at night is a basic human need, but starting a fire went out with cave dwellers. So the Luminoodle LED Rope Lights enters the scene by providing light through a strip of LEDs that can be adapted for use wherever and whenever needed. Truth to tell, the LED strip is more of a “rope”, but designed to take what’s there and hang with it; thank its loop at the end, embedded magnets and universal ties for that. Obviously it’s flexible, being that the lighting is embedded in the construction, but add to that being rustproof and waterproof (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, how’s that?) and it’s hard to find a complaint. Nor can you complain about how to power it — the USB input designed for taking in power just needs a smartphone (or tablet) battery pack to get it going. Or you can plug it into a USB wall adapter or a laptop or anything that provides the basic 1.2 or greater amps in real time.

The Company points out that the Luminoodle is super for camping, and we won’t argue that, but there’s plenty of other uses for it as well. Want a last minute outside light for a patio party? What about an emergency light to warn off cars at night while changing a tire? Really the uses are many and varied, partly because of the high illumination the LED strip puts out and partly due to its extreme light weight (3.7 ounces), which barely gets added to when kept in the rip-stop nylon carry bag that’s included. And which turns the strip into a “lantern” if used inside the bag.

The Luminoodle is ridiculously inexpensive, with the 180 lumens 5 foot length costing $19.99 and the 360 lumens 10 foot costing $29.99. Regardless of length, this makes having a flashlight so 20th Century as to be embarrassing.

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