Safer Hands Courtesy Of The Penclic B3 Ambidextrous Bluetooth Mouse

Penclic B3 Ambidextrous Bluetooth Mouse
Much is made of staying healthy, but when it comes to using a computer — now a daily and many hour necessity — little is said about staying within the realm of safety. One issue that must be considered is Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. This can occur through the repeated use of muscles and joints in a negative manner — such as not sitting correctly in front of that computer mentioned above or holding one’s hands and arms in an unnatural manner for long periods of time while performing actions (such as clamping down for hours on a mouse). Avoiding such an issue makes sense, but doing it isn’t always so easy. That’s where the Penclic B3 Ambidextrous Bluetooth Mouse
steps up, as it changes the dynamic of holding/using a mouse while continuing the actions that a mouse is conventional used for.

As is the case with many devices today, Bluetooth is used to pair the Penclic to the computer (or laptop as the case may be). Previous setup is simple: an included battery is inserted into the battery compartment and then charged through a USB connection (coming from a USB port or battery power pack or USB wall adapter). That’s the extent of the setup, with the exception of where to place the Penclic itself, with being positioned to the right of the keyboard making the most sense (or to the left since it works with both “lefties” as well as “righties” in a similar fashion).

The Penclic now functions as a “mouse” but without causing the issues noted above that can plague the user’s hand. Think of it as an “air” mouse, but one with 3 buttons (customizable) and a scroll wheel. The Penclic is now ready to be used in a similar fashion to that of a mouse, in that it will move a pointer around on the monitor screen. Held like that of a traditional pen, it allows the forewarn and hand to rest of the surface and avoids stressing the shoulders. Since the bottom part can be adjusted, it can be more suited to one’s individual grip.

Being that the Penclic B3 is both Mac and PC compatible, the only reason to not use it could be the price, but at a retail of $89.95, that’s no excuse either. Nor is there an excuse not to consider how best to keep oneself working without health issues popping up. So if having a cool alternative to a mouse doesn’t do it for you, then adding a layer of safety to woking before the monitor should. Because that is where the Penclic is positioning itself.

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