Get Real Decor With The Toast Real Wood Cover for Xbox One/S

Toast Real Wood Cover for Xbox One:S
Gaming consoles may have increased in performance and power throughout the years, but for some reason they always end up being rendered a dull black color.. That’s where the Toast company comes in by making “skins” (covers) to better personalize and accessorize the game box. The Toast Real Wood Cover for Xbox One/S uses laser cutting to create a new look for your Xbox One/S by taking both real wood and leather and combining them together. The end result is a game console that better fits one’s environment, home decor and personality.

The actual “installation” process is easy-peezy: wash your hands and put the Toast package/kit on a clean work surface. But before that remove all the connections (including power) to your Xbox One/S and put it aside. Now open the package, remove the parts and lay them out. Put the Xbox in front of you and take one of the Toast parts, say the top panel. Then wipe down the Xbox with the included alcohol wipes and wait a few seconds for evaporation to take over. Now put the top panel on after peeling of its adhesive covered back sheet. Put the piece on the Xbox One/S and press it down firmly. Follow by doing with the rest of the pieces and in a couple of minutes you’ll be done.

Now the way these panels are made, they can be removed afterwards. That doesn’t mean you can remove and then reattach the Toast panels — you can’t — but it does allow for a safe removal without residue or causing any marring of the surfaces if desired later.

The Toast Real Wood Cover for Xbox One/S gives you a choice of colors — walnut, ash, bamboo and ebony — and the price is the same for each, being a retail of $49.00. Those willing to spend a few dollars extra (and also incur a longer wait time for delivery) can have a custom design cut into the panel as well as adding text.

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