Avoid Digital Eye Strain With GUNNAR Optik’s Computer Eyewear

Eyeglasses may have started out being reviled as “nerdy,” but now they have become fashion statements. Still the best reason to put on a pair of eyeglasses is if they perform some function that benefits the person — for example, correcting for being near sighted. But that’s all changed due to the digital revolution, where far too much time is spent staring at computer screens for work or leisure. Digital eye strain (i.e., computer vision syndrome) can cause headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision and eye fatigue, none of which is good. And the blue light generated by the screens have been shown to negatively impact a person (the Vision Council saying that nearly 70% of American adults experience some form of digital eye strain). So can GUNNAR Optiks line of computer eyewear help out in this? For sure.

An example is the SHEADOG, with a frame of either Onyx or Mercury and with an amber lens tint. Now if all they were to do was provide a comfortable fit, the the SHEADOG’s lightweight construction and weight balance would suffice — aided by low profile temples that don’t get in the way of putting on a headset or low-browed hat. Coming along for the ride are lenses that have been silicon hard coated (to prevent scratching) and coated with an anti-reflective layer on both sides of the lens (doing exactly what you think they should). Stainless steel handles the abuse in general, with adjustable nose pads handling the abuse in particular.

Compared to regular eyeglasses (be they prescription or just plain glass), what’s different about GUNNAR lenses is that they designed to shift the color spectrum for visual efficiency –taking artificial light and tuning it to the physiology of the eye. They filter and balance light while also absorbing 65% of the (HEV) blue light coming off the screens. But unlike a computer program affecting the screen, these lenses don’t filter out the “good” blue light. They’re just more effective and yes, even a bit fun to wear.

The SHEADOG has a “youthful fit” but really all that means is that if you think you’re hip enough to wear them, you are. These eyeglasses don’t scream out — they’re big on low-key elegance that makes wearing them no less good for your whole face just because they’re looking out for your eyes. Nobody wants eye-strain, but nobody is going to be giving up looking at the screen. So that’s where SHEADOG’s $79.00 retail becomes a huge value.

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