Your Apple Watch Wants Nomad’s Sport Strap

Nomad Sport Strap
The Apple Watch brought back the time-honored idea of wearing a timepiece on the wrist. But what changed was that you used to be stuck with whatever band held that watch to your wrist — the idea of interchangeable bands just didn’t exist. So since there’s so many choices for how to keep the Apple Watch in place, why go with Nomad’s Sport Strap? Because it’s not just how it looks but also how it feels.

The Nomad Sports Strap isn’t faux leather or faux anything because it’s molded completely from durable LSR silicone whose structural properties include integrity of elasticity (meaning it retains its shape over time). You attach it to the Apple Watch in the conventional manner — keeping in mind it’s compatible with 42mm aluminum and steel Apple Watch models (and Nike) — and it doesn’t come across as some skinny replacement. Instead the crosshatch surface pattern bespeak a strong and rugged appearance. Which is borne out by its composition of corrosion/heat/chemical resistant chamfered stainless steel lugs which can handle the stress of being on the wrist during activities ranging from exercising to sports.

Of course no one wants to have to remove their watch because the band makes them itchy or feels uncomfortable. The Sports Strap takes care of that by being hypoallergenic and biocompatible and yes, antimicrobial too. And since it wouldn’t make sense to have a non-waterproof watch band holding onto your waterproof watch, the watch band is fully waterproof (it was given and passed a 72 hour salt mist test, which is something that makes sense for certification although it’s doubtful anyone is going to sit still and have salt mist sprayed on them for a minute, much less over an hour).

The Nomad Sport Strap comes in basic black (matt black) and black and volt (meaning it has a cool yellow tinge working on the inside) and retails for $49.95. Those looking for a watch band for their Apple Watch that can handle the daily grind and even more extreme behavior, well then this is the watch band for you.

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