Fidget Time With The Mozi Fidget Spinner Bracelet

Mozi Fidget Spinner Bracelet
Pretty sure the definition of “fidget” isn’t about doing something specifically —it’s more sort of twirling your fingers or rocking back and forth from one foot to the other. It’s no wonder that a whole breed of “fidget” toys have shown up to harness that nervous energy. But to go beyond a simple twirl of a pencil or rubbing a thumb against finger constantly requires something more. It requires the Fidget Spinner Bracelet called Mozi.

Consider the name — it obviously goes on the wrist. But in paying homage to that springy “slinky” toy of past decades, the Mozi enacts both motion and spinning action. As in working its way down your arm in a a manner that enables it to be directed and re-positioned “in flight” (as it were) so that it can go on up the other arm. Or be transferred over to another, perhaps even more dexterous person.

The basic procedure is simple as it should be: place your hand through Mozi’s ring and raise your arm. This allows gravity to do its thing and Mozi to do its thing too, which is to roll. Then use gravity and reflexes and a bit of intelligence to take Mozi for a ride over your arms. Rinse and repeat, as it were.

Made of stainless steel, Mozi lies flat when unneeded (a procedure involving flattening the toy and rotating it). But it’s doubtful it will be left alone for long — fidgeting being what it is.

The Mozi Fidget Spinner Bracelet retails for $15.99 and comes in three colors, silver, green and iridescent. And yes it’s CPSIA certified (a Toy Standard) so there’s that too. Like any of today’s fidget toys, the Mozi doesn’t proclaim it will cure the world’s ills. But it does take boredom off the table and require the user to be more in sync so as to properly perform. Nothing wrong with that.

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