Cold Therapy Courtesy Of FreezeFrames Cool Care Eyewear

Freezeframes Cool Care Eyewear
The old cliche is that someone wore dark glasses to hide their identity. But what if instead of being stylish, the concern was all about the eyes? As in having puffy eyes from an allergy attack or mild surgery or just the addition to bags under the eyes? Or the pain of a headache or migraine? It would be great if the sunglasses could do something about that. If you’re wearing the FreezeFrames Cool Care Eyewear that dream becomes a reality.

FreezeFrames starts its life as a pair of stylish sunglasses — you know what these do and how to wear them of course. But unlike other, conventional pairs, they’ve been constructed for accepting special cold gel-pads that can be positioned in each eye frame. Now it gets interesting, because you’re not having to hold a cold pack on your face or wait till you get home to get it out of the freezer. So once you’ve popped these gel-pads into position, they’ll remain cold for about 15-20 minutes (which conveniently is the amount of time that should be spent for a session in using them). Then you just place the sunglasses back on for cooling relief. Which you can do seated or standing or on-the-go because they just continue to function like a pair of sunglasses should.

The gel-pads have been cooled in a freezer or cup of ice water for 20-60 minutes and then can be taken out and used immediately or not. The “not” is because included is an insulated carrying case for holding not only the sunglasses but also the gel-pads in their own compartments. And since “insulated” is part of the what the case does, that means a cool-down is now available wherever you might be going or end up as you get about 4 hours to keep the cold in (this insulation also applies should you go the warm water route instead, as the prerequisite for using on eyes exhibiting dry-eye syndrome — but note that use of a microwave is not allowed as the pads contain a metal alloy). One reasonable suggestion is storing in the freezer the travel case with the gel-pads inside so it’s always ready to go.

Retailing for $89.95, the FreezeFrames package includes the sunglasses, 4 reusable cool therapy gel-pads (each with an average use-life of 1+ years), a gel-pad storage pouch and the insulated thermal travel case. It’s better eyewear to wear for those times when a cooling touch is needed.

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