Light Things Up With The PackLite Nova USB Solar Lantern

PackLite Nova USB
A portable light should be readily available and able to withstand being bumped and prodded during use. This is even more true when it’s needed outside where conditions are often less than ideal. That’s why LuminAID’s PackLite Nova USB is so useful — it’s a Solar Inflatable Lantern. That makes so much sense to have when outside, and not just because it only retails at $19.99.

The PackLite Nova is inflatable so it’s easy to carry and pretty much takes up no room to speak of. Blowing it up from its 1″ size is just the first step, because it gives you the choice of its internal battery having been charged by a USB connection, or sitting out in the sun where its solar panels can soak up the rays for about 10 hours. Either way, the end result is that you’ve now a lantern that can be hung from the integrated handle or seated or put just about anywhere that’s fairly flat.

Use is simple too — there’s a button on the now inflated 4.75″ cube for turning it on which also doubles as how much illumination gets put out. There’s 5 brightness settings, each varying from the other. And yes we’re talking about bright light, not dim night light-like illumination. For those who know such tech spec stuff, there’s over 75 lumens of LED light when used on Turbo mode. So there.

Because there’s no heat, it’s safe to use around kids or pretty much anywhere out in the wild (or at home, for that matter). Of course it had better be waterproof, dust proof and shatterproof. So it is.

The PackLite Nova USB provides up to 24 hours of light in its low mode and there’s even a battery charge indicator. You couldn’t ask for more.

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