Extreme Conditions Call For The ClimateCase Insulating Smartphone Case

ClimateCase Insulating Smartphone Case
One of the scariest things is suddenly seeing your smartphone display a message that it is shutting down because of overheating. Serves you right for having it sitting in the sun, out at the beach or exposed while driving your convertible, some might say. Sure a protective case may keep out dirt and water but extreme heat or cold, nope. So there’s got to be a simple solution short of hiding it away whenever it gets really hot or conversely just too cold. That solution is the ClimateCase Insulating Smartphone Case.

The ClimateCase is designed to keep heat or cold from adversely affecting any phone placed in it; as in protecting the phone for hours against being overheated or frozen. It works by having a moisture-free, eight layer insulating system handily compacted into 7mm of thickness — so no, it doesn’t add any real weight as it weighs in at 8 ounces (with dimensions of 7 x 4 x .5-inches). And while not up to military standards, having the ClimateCase with a phone inside of it will cause magnitudes of less damage than if a bare phone goes headfirst to the floor. It doesn’t matter what make of phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) or that the phone is already inside a case, the ClimateCase is large enough to accommodate and provides the means for running a cable out for earbuds (although there’s always Bluetooth to use instead).

So how exactly do you use the ClimateCase? If it’s hot outside or where you’re headed, have it stored in the fridge for a few hours, remove and pop the phone in it for hours of protection. If it’s cold instead, place the ClimateCase (alone) in a microwave for about 25 seconds before use. Obviously there’s nothing in its construction that’s going to cause the microwave to go bonkers. Or to block the signal for using it with Bluetooth.

But lets say you didn’t bother using the ClimateCase and now your phone is giving the “hot” message or looks to be too cold to be functioning correctly (both conditions can adversely affect the battery). Putting a “hot” phone in a cooled ClimateCase will bring it back to normal temperatures in less than 2 minutes — doing the same with a “cold” phone as well. That’s a lot better and a lot less time wasted in waiting for the phone to return to a normal temperature on its own.

The ClimateCase is machine washable, retails for $34.99 and comes in an assortment of colors (Camouflage, Charcoal, Floral, Giraffe, Leopard, Orange, Pink, Zebra). Because when the conditions are extreme, you can’t take a chance with your phone. Now you don’t have to.

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