Line Up And Charge Your Mobile Devices With udoq’s Android Docking Station

udoq Android Docking Station
Mobile devices are great to have, providing you don’t mind their constant need for being charged. Or the fact that they add to the general clutter, thanks to the power plugs they need. Even if the USB cable attached to them is going to a computer or laptop, it’s still about taking up space with multiple cables or having to switch from one device to the other in order to get power. Rather than putting up with all this, get udoq’s Android Docking Station (but iOS users needn’t despair because there’s a version for them too).

Sleekly made of aluminum and with a small footprint, think of the udoq as a “shelf” that sits on a surface. But hidden inside are a series of microUSB plugs that can attach to any Android phone or tablet. Since these plugs are removable, that means they can be positioned inside this “shelf” and slid across to one end or the other, depending on how you want to place the mobile device in it: sliding it across to one end so a tablet can go horizontally or vertically, or putting smartphones at the end instead and then positioning the tablet next to it. What this really does is allow you to place your mobile devices all together in one place to eliminate clutter as well as recharging them. Plus there’s nothing stopping you from using any or all of them while they’re in the dock. And since additional microUSB plugs are available), only the physical space of the dock limits you to how many can be placed onto it.

None of this would work if the docking station wasn’t compatible with every mobile device out there using a microUSB port — so it is. And for those wondering, the microUSB plugs can be made so as to work with devices inside of protective/vanity cases. And since the cables exits out from the docking station, each can be plugged in to receive power from a USB wall plug adapter, a computer or multi-port USB hub.

The udoq Android Docking Station comes in various configurations which vary the number of devices that can be used: there is the 250 which comes with 2 connector cables and retails for $98.80 ($110.80 iOS); there is the 400 which comes with 3 connector cables and retails for $128.70 ($146.70 iOS); there is the 550 which comes with 4 connector cables and retails for $158.60 ($182.60 iOS); there is the 700 which comes with 5 connector cables and retails for $188.50 ($218.50 iOS). Ending the clutter and keeping all the devices at hand in one place while still allowing them to do their thing is what this docking station is all about.

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