Steven Spielberg has made some amazing movies, but few would argue against the sheer human emotions that a spindly alien riding in a bicycle basket brought to the movie viewing public. For those who saw it in the theater, it might seem hard to believe that E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL premiered some 35 years ago. But it’s equally hard to believe that home viewing could now rival the movie theater experience. But it’s true so listen up.

E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL comes in a multi-version package: you get a DVD that looks good for those who continue to use/have a DVD disc library; you get a high-definition video file that’s good for watching on mobile devices; you get a Blu-Ray disc that gives you a high quality, high-definition video for watching in your home theater. Taking all this into account, there’s no denying that most will find re-watching, or watching for the first time that it will turn into event viewing at home. And one that the whole family can share. Adding to that is the fact that the Dolby Digital or DTS-HD Master Audio (both in stereo) played on modern systems sounds really good. Easily as good as what was playing in the theaters at the time.

One of the big advantages of buying and thus owning a physical media, versus streaming, is that all kinds of interesting extras can be included and quickly accessed (and that’s not even noting the cool slipcover the disc set has). There’s over 3 hours of bonus materials: deleted scenes that were never seen in the theater, a “looking back” feature and a cool music “talk” with master composer John Williams. Plus the 20th anniversary premiere.

Watching E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL is really what movies are all about and now that’s what home viewing is all about; becoming enveloped and immersed in a story. Being able to have E.T. in a personal movie library where you can see it whenever you want really means something when you have such a powerful movie as this one.

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