Be Glad You Have Infray’s LED Pocket-Sized Pen light and LED Tactical Flashlight

Infray flashlights
Flashlights seem pretty boring — until you desperately need one. So most would agree that having a flashlight on hand, whether at home or in the car or out in the woods, is sensible. But just having any flashlight is not the solution — which is why Infray doesn’t just make one. So if you’re thinking “light,” you’re thinking Infray’s LED Pocket-Sized Pen light, but if you’re thinking “bright,” you’re thinking the LED Tactical Flashlight.

The Pen light is about the size of a marker and so able to fit in a pocket or shirt and tough enough to handle being treated poorly (being constructed of aircraft aluminum with military grade anodizing for corrosion and scratch resistance). Its LED light is powered by 2 “AAA” batteries, which makes for an easy refill and no excuse for not having it ready. Rather than a simple On/Off switch, the Pen light has a rear-mounted push button providing 3 distinct beams of light: the first is low powered, being 40 lumens, which is fine for reading in a dark room without disturbing anyone else; the second is high powered, being 140 lumens, and so bright enough for really seeing what’s ahead; the third is a strobe effect which makes for an effective means of drawing attention in a crunch. Battery life varies depending on use, but as an example, it’s rated at 14 hours at low power and there’s automatic power adjustment to deal with the steady drain of battery power. The final thing worth noting is that the lens’s focus is adjustable, so just spin it around as desired. All this cool stuff comes on the LED Pocket-Sized Pen Light for a measly $25.99.

Now when it’s time to bring out the big guns, the LED Tactical Flashlight can handle that, thanks to a really bright LED bulb. Adjustable focus and battery power management, sure, but here 3 “AAA” batteries work to put out a high lumens count of 400 (at 4.5 hours). Or go for less lumens (120) for more time instead (up to 10 hours). And as expected, there’s a strobe function too. The LED Tactical Flashlight is made from aircraft aluminum and has a waterproof design because it’s expected to be used outside and not where the weather is mild or sedate. The switch is also expected to handle harsh situations and not wimp out. All this works together to make for one bright, impact resistant LED flashlight whose retail is $29.99.

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