Protect the Sound With Catalyst’s Glow in the Dark Case for AirPods

Catalyst Glow in the Dark Case for Airpods
Catalyst knows you love your AirPods. They know it enough to have made the Catalyst Glow in the Dark Case for AirPods. Why care? Because as great as the AirPods are, these wireless earbuds aren’t invulnerable should they get dropped. Nor can they handle getting soaking wet.

The Catalyst Case is made of silicone so it’s a soft material as far as the AirPods inside are concerned. See, it’s not just one piece but two pieces working together. This makes for a protective enclosure that can handle a drop of 4 feet. That’s about the distance when someone’s pulled an AirPod out of the ear and had it slip as the hand went for a pocket. So forget about stuffing them into the nearest pouch or pocket or purse or whatever — put them in this case and they’re protected.

Getting the AirPods wet might not sound a big deal, since they have some very minor water-resistance built in, and you can hurry out of the rain or clap your hands over your ears if all else fails. But let’s take a realistic scenario of going swimming. You’re not going to wear the AirPods but you have to put them somewhere while you slice through the water. Considering how desirable they are, why take the chance of leaving them in your clothes or a locker even? Instead, they’re in the Catalyst Case, which just so happens to be totally waterproof/IP67 (down to 3.3 feet if you’re thinking of sinking). End of problem. Especially since you can use the included carabiner to attach the case to your trunks, etc. so that it gets a free ride.

Someone just asked what good is the case since you have to take the AirPods out to charge them up. That would be a good question if there wasn’t a provision for running a Lightning cable inside so that they could be charged without leaving the case. And before someone says the Catalyst Glow in the Dark Case for AirPods is small enough to get lost in the dark, hit it with some light, then turn out that light to see it glowing a fluorescent green. About the only question left is how much does it cost. The answer is $29.99 retail.

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