Cougar’s 700M eSPORTS Laser Gaming Mouse Makes The Gaming Difference

700M eSPORTS Laser Gaming Mouse
The difference between a general purpose mouse and an “e-sports” mouse can make all the difference when playing. Gamers know that the hardware they use plays an important part in how they play. So when talking about the Cougar 700M eSPORTS Laser Gaming Mouse, the first thing to keep in mind is that it’s no ordinary mouse. Because this mouse is designed for gaming. With a 1ms response time and state-of-the-art laser sensor, how could it not be?

Now how a mouse “grips” your hand is important — so the eSPORTS goes one better beyond just having an ergonomic shape composed of a lightweight aluminum structure (with its own computer processor to obviate the PC needing to hold its hand or run drivers). The palm rest can be adjusted, no tools needed, and this feature also aids in modifying the overall shape when it’s time to switch grip styles.

So once your hand is in position, work those profiles to access up to 27 functions using 8 configurable buttons single-handled. Left switch, Right switch, mouse wheel, Forward Switch, Backward switch, you get the idea. It’s helpful that the Fire button is right up close so that the index finger can find it easy, but even more so that the 45 degree Sniper button is positioned so that it doesn’t affect the mouse’s positioning (i.e., working the Sniper doesn’t move the mouse). All these clicks keep on clicking since the OMRON switches are guaranteed for 5 million clicks! And yeah, the USB cable is braided for ease of use but more importantly, durability and dependability.

As might be expected, software is provided to aid in configuring the mouse’s functionality. But since portability is as much an important part of gaming — taking your hardware with you to compete with others, be that at a friend’s house or in a crowded venue — the eSPORTS comes equipped with its own internal memory storage. Here you can save and store up to 3 configuration profiles so as to take them with you and use them wherever you end up. Speaking of configurations, the laser sensor’s 8200 DPI can be fine-tuned at 4 different levels, depending on what you want and what feels best.

The 700M eSPORTS Laser Gaming Mouse comes in a black/red combination and looks really cool even before the color LED lights kick in (giving you millions of colors to play with). But better than that is how it takes what you’re trying to do and makes it reality. That’s everything in gaming and well worth the $69.99 cost. And yeah it works with Windows (XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 – 32bit/64bit).

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