Beauty and Brains Comes With The Limited Edition Fossil Q Cory Richards Set Smartwatch

Limited Edition Fossil Q Cory Richards Set Smartwatch
Smartwatches may now be getting attention, but the esthetics of a great looking watch has never gone out of style. Which is why the Limited Edition Fossil Q Cory Richards Set Smartwatch has both looks AND brains. So let’s separate what’s on the surface from what is “ticking away” underneath.

The Fossil Q Cory Richards immediately stands out because of it’s unique look. Inspired by the aesthetics of world adventurer and expedition photographer Cory Richards’ original Fossil watch, its stainless steel band (with replaceable leather strap featuring Richards’ signature) melds in with the all-silver look to highlight a level of quality. Then there’s the design which continues the tradition of a round watch face, but also utilizes customization to give you a watch face with the appearance of three distinct spheres within the confines of a traditional set of time-telling hands. One sphere has the date, another the time and the third is dedicated to activities. Meanwhile there’s also a small date window (harkening back to tradition), with glow-in-the-dark being part of what gets seen. And in case the name didn’t get it across, the watch face is a touch screen. And water resistant? Sure, it’s IP67.

Now for what’s going on inside the smartwatch. It’s powered by Android Wear 2.0, giving it a number of useful functions — one of the simplest being able to customize the watch face. There’s built in activity tracking for keeping tabs on what you’re doing over the course of a day (stuff like steps, distance, calories burned, etc.) as well as being able to duplicate some of the functionality of the phone: getting notifications for alarms and calendars (a buzz not a shout), from app’s and text and emails. Being Android-based, it makes sense that it allows for voice activated Googling and that it works with Google maps. Plus where would it be if it couldn’t control music playback? So it does. It even has something more reminiscent of an early James Bond gadget — there’s a built in LED flashlight. And taking old-school to new horizons is the fact that if you change time-zones, the smart watch knows to take care of resetting itself for you.

This smart watch obviously has Bluetooth built in (4.1) but also Wi-Fi connectivity is there (802.11b/g/n). As is a microphone and speaker (which makes a lot of sense since otherwise you’d be shouting to Google).

And since this smartwatch had better be rechargeable, it is — but even more important is that the charge lasts for more than a couple of hours. A lot more. That’s why Fossil made sure the estimated battery life was 24 hours, meaning there shouldn’t be an problems with using it all day. And in case you’re wondering, charging is done using an inductive charging magnet (no attaching cables to the watch).

The Limited Edition Fossil Q Cory Richards Set Smartwatch retails for $243.75 and is compatible with recent iOS devices (i.e., iPhones) as well as recent Android devices, thanks to the use of a specialized app.

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