Free TV Courtesy of the ClearStream FLEX Amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor UHF/VHF TV Antenna with Sure Grip

Who doesn’t love free TV? But short of watching at a friend’s house, most have been brainwashed to ignore that there are free TV channels being broadcasted in high-definition with surround sound every day. Or that it’s great stuff that’s being sent through the airwaves and just itching to be picked up. That’s where an over-the-air (OTA) antenna comes in, but it must be a hassle to get it set up, right? Wrong! It’s pretty easy and can even be kind of cool to do. Especially if what you’re setting up is the ClearStream FLEX Amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor UHF/VHF TV Antenna with Sure Grip.

The FLEX isn’t like other OTA indoor antennas, although it shares similarities in that you attach a coaxial cable from it to the TV’s ANTENNA input and then run the menu that searches for stations and populates the TV guide. FLEX is thin, really thin, so thin that it is pretty unobtrusive even when being held. But what you’ll be doing is placing it on a wall nearby the TV (the coaxial cable gives you 15 feet of leeway). Or on some smooth flat surface. But leave the hammer in the toolbox because FLEX comes with the Sure Grip strip which goes where you want it and then grips this antenna without any screws, hardware or brackets. Nor does this “gripping” weaken over time, but if you want to keep the Sure Grip working at maximum efficiency, just wipe it off with some water now and then. And yeah you can remove/move/reposition the Sure Grip as you want.

So getting the FLEX to stay put is taken care of, but how about making sure where it gets placed is going to pick up the broadcast signals well? That’s done in two ways: the first being that FLEX uses technologies that allows for better reception of UHF and Hi-VHF frequencies along with a 60 degree beam angle to avoid the bugaboo of having to “aim” an antenna. Which is good since it has a reception range of 50+ miles. Reception is aided by the addition of a 20dB USB In-Line Amplifier System which amplifies weak signals. The amplification gets its power either from a wall outlet (using the included USB power adapter and a wall outlet) or through one of the TV’s USB ports (providing the added “green” element of turning on/off with the TV).

Once everything is set up, you can forget the FLEX’s there — that’s especially true if you’ve painted it over to match the wall (should the black or white sides not meet your approval). Of course you’re not restricted to just simply brushing paint on it; make a statement by drawing what you want using non-metallic paints or putting on stickers or a digital printout or fabric even.

The ClearStream FLEX Amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor UHF/VHF TV Antenna with Sure Grip retails for $59.99 and does what it does so you can sit back and watch free TV. Isn’t that great?

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