The Pannier Backpack Convertible Likes Your Bike and Your Back

Pannier Backpack
Commuting to work on a bike is great, as is riding a bike in general. But what’s not so great is trying to carry your stuff while you ride, for example, wearing a backpack that becomes uncomfortable, awkward and potentially dangerous even. The solution isn’t to give up but to have the Pannier Backpack Convertible going along for the ride. Because it’s got your “back” without actually having to be there while you’re biking.

Starting with what’s obviously needed — the Pannier is of a high durability polyester for handling the wear and tear of daily not-so-gentle use. Plus it can take on the elements; being extremely water resistant. But to play it safe, a rain cover is also built-in — it’s inside the front pocket (with the umbrella icon) for heavy duty protection of the seams and zippers against pouring rain. Being fluorescent neon means it stands out, helped along by reflective details, and why shouldn’t the there be a place to add a flashing light? So there is. Plus there’s an UV coating which can’t be seen, but aids in prolonging use over time from the sun’s rays.

Continuing the external tour, there’s padded pockets just itching to hold your stuff — like one for a phone or sunglasses, a main one able to gobble a 15″ laptop easy, additional ones for holding accessories and two that can go large for holding water bottles. All use YKK zippers and Rock Lockster quick release hardware for keeping things in place and working the same way weeks or months later (quality construction definitely makes a difference).

The Pannier also has the good sense to build in reflective details for blowing away being unobtrusive when it shouldn’t care, and there’s even places for attaching those flashing lights mentioned earlier that could prove seriously important when traveling in low-light conditions (i.e., dusk, night). Physically the entire hybrid commuter backpack comes in at 17.5″height 12” wide and 7” deep, which means it meets flight luggage carry-on requirements for those times when biking just won’t cut it. And at 2.8 lbs empty, filling it up shouldn’t prove too much a burden for hoisting, even though it can carry a lot of stuff (up to 1470 cubic inches).

But let’s get to the transformer-type abilities. So you’ve been using it as a backpack, but now it’s time to bike away. Unzipping the back compartment shows off the Universal Rixen & Kaul rack mounting system that’s built-in. Stick the backpack straps into this compartment and roll up the zipper flap into it as well. Place the bag against the bike rack and engage the center lock, connecting the short lower straps by clipping them together. Now the Pannier is securely fastened to the side of the bike rack. To reverse, just pull the backpack straps out of the rear compartment, put the mounting components away behind the foam padded back plate and then clip each backpack strap into its corresponding quick release buckle of the short lower straps. Adjust the backpack strap length with a quick pull and you’re back to foot traveling. Once you get the hang of it (i.e., try doing it both ways a few times), it’ll go faster than a truck turning into a robot.

two wheel gear has made this very affordable as the Black edition retail for $129.00. You walk around, you bike to work, you carry stuff when you bike? You’ll want the Pannier Backpack Convertible.

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