Put Some Spin In Your Life With The Whirly Board

Whirly Board
Exercising at home has always had its detractors – who has the time, what can you find at home that’s not at a gym, etc. But for many, a balance board offers the dream of skateboarding (without any of the smash-ups), combined with a full body experience that builds coordination, aids in strengthening the “core” and letting off steam. But even with all that, just moving back and forth grows the boredom. That’s why the Whirly Board goes in for a full 360 degree rotation and doesn’t have an age limit attached (obviously not for babies or very young children/intelligent supervision suggested).

Now for those who have absolutely no idea what a balance board is, let’s check out what can be seen, because while it kind of looks like a skateboard, it certainly doesn’t have wheels. What it does have is a cork and rubber blended gripping surface construction with the “skateboard” itself being made of Canadian Maple with curved edges. Then there are the nose and tail balls at each bottom end (made of durable Urethane rubber) and a large half-dome ball at the center bottom of a high density/durable Poly Ethylene. From all this you should get that the board isn’t going to break under your weight or fall apart once you start putting it through its paces (aided by rubber gaskets strategically placed between balls and decks for added stability).

What all this means is that you’re not standing on a flat surface once you get on — instead you have to maneuver so as to remain upright. The Whirly Board is designed so as to allow for pivoting off of 3 balance points (as opposed to just one), so yes it is more challenging. But that also means you’ve more options for how you use and gaining a higher result when it comes to how your body is reacting to being on it. Gaining endurance and building better muscles through use should be obvious. It’s not a video game. Learning the proper mechanics of initiating and completing rotational tricks shouldn’t be frustrating (or painful when failed at), and here the Whirly Board is a great tool.

The Whirly Board was created with board sports in mind, but why be locked in to just that? Since, as noted earlier, it can be used indoors as readily as outside so for those who don’t have fair weather most of the time, now there’s no excuse for avoiding the means for gaining better spatial awareness and balance control. That’s not to say everyone can just hop on and expect to be secure from the get go — but part of the board’s purpose is to have you put into play those muscles and attitudes that have been lying dormant from too much couch potato-ing.

The Whirly Board comes in at under 6 pounds and size-wise is 31.875 X 8.25 X 3.5”. It retails for $119.00 and the center ball comes in assorted colors (Atomic tangerine, Fuji Green, New Moon Black, Purple Storm) and also varied grip tapes (Cork Rubber, Black Speckled Cork Rubber, Skateboard Style Grip Tape). For sure it’s a safer means for practicing board tricks and procedures (since it can be used indoors on carpeting where falling off is less problematic), as well as exercises that will never translate into street cred. Can everyone benefit from what it has to offer? The answer is yes.

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