The Right Care With The pHin Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Water Care Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs

pHin Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Water Care Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs
What does a swimming pool and a hot tub have in common besides being full of water? Both require regular maintenance and not the mechanical kind: the water must be kept properly balanced through the use of chemicals in order to be safe to use. That sounds like a lot of work and it was — which is why many opted out of even considering doing it on their own. While there’s nothing wrong with professional services making sure a pool or hot tub is functioning optimally, there’s also nothing that says a person can’t take on the responsibility. That’s where pHin Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Water Care Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs (HPR1710) comes in — it takes the “thinking” and “examination” out of inexperienced hands and rockets it into 21st Century technologies. Wi-Fi and app controlled smartphones, we’re talking about you.

Here’s the basic procedure once an account is made with pHin: the HPR1710 is paired with the pHin Wireless bridge through Bluetooth. This makes good sense since few wireless networks extend out to where the pool/hot tub is located. So the data from the monitor’s sensor is passed to the bridge, which then sends it securely to the pHin cloud via the Wi-Fi network.

The app is receiving customized and as needed notifications; the pHin is monitoring pH, ORP, and temperature all the time. Additionally testing for total alkalinity, water hardness and cyanic acid is also done, on a as-needed basis. This form of remote monitoring can be had at any time. Then, it gives you recommendations on how to balance your water so you’re adding only the exact chemicals needed. The chemicals being used can be from the many brands available, with specific amounts noted for brands contained within the app. The app also provides quick access to pool service/hot tub service technicians who can handle the hard part, now that what’s needed is known. Also provided is a pHin Calibration Kit, which is designed to help you keep an eye out for slow changes in the chemical levels (stuff like alkalinity, etc).

One of the best parts of this is that there’s no charge for using it — no service costs for it monitoring the chemical balance and temperature of the water 24/7. That makes for knowing what needs to be done sooner, which makes for a healthier and safer environment for you and yours. By paying a $99 per year subscription, what’s also being covered are such things as ongoing monitoring and adjustment recommendations, replacement monitors (as needed) and even hardware upgrades. So since there’s no expiration date on the pool or hot tub, opting out of the subscription seems less of a bargain than staying in. But the choice is yours.

The pHin Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Water Care Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs retails for $299.00 and includes the first year subscription service gratis. Monitoring and servicing a pool or hot tub is necessary, regardless of who is doing it. Here, you’re eliminating a third party and taking charge of what’s important to you.

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