The Elf Smart Plug Wants To Turn On

elf smart plug
The idea of controlling stuff in your house is cool, but oftentimes it’s complicated and expensive and just too much of a hassle to do. So why not have someone make a home automation product that’s simple to use and, even better, inexpensive to own? So if you’re looking to control a single light or any one device where giving it electrification starts it going — then it’s time to pay $34.99 and get the elf smart plug.

So the elf looks more futuristic than a standard grounded plug that goes into a socket, being that it’s all white and curved and with a switch on the side. Which is as it should be, considering that it’s not just some glamoured up extension plug. The elf has Wi-Fi built in. So what that means is that it can join your home network and be controlled locally (i.e., when you’re at home) or remotely (i.e., when you’re not but there’s a Wi-Fi network or “hotspot” available. At its most basic, the elf will respond to your command to let electricity flow through it and to the device plugged in, for example, a table lamp that has been turned to its “on” position. Or it can be used to turn on a coffee machine in the morning. Or tell a fan to start cooling things down or…you get the idea. By the way, that futuristic shape also ensures that the elf is only taking up the single socket it’s plugged into — that’s pretty rare these days becaues most of these “home automation” devices don’t care about that.

To control the elf Smart Plug, you’ll need the app that the Eques company makes available for iOS/Android smartphones/tablets. This gives you the basic “on/off” control as noted above, but also lets you schedule “on/off” times and set timers (making for more sense for using with that coffee machine example). Plus if you register, you’ll be able to save your “plugs” onto the cloud and so when you switch smartphones, you’ll be able to log in to your account and control the elf as before. That’s about it, but considering what the elf does, it should be considered enough. But for those wanting more, elf can also do voice control with Amazon’s Alexa and should allow integration with Google Home soon.

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