Keep Your Feet Warm With Volt’s 3V Smart Heated Slippers

Volt 3V Smart Heated Slippers
Walking barefoot on wooden floors at home in winter can be a chilling experience, and double that for stepping outside to get the paper or taking a stroll on the property. But a pair of slippers won’t really keep your feet warm when Jack Frost is biting, no matter how trendy they might be. The solution is to bring heat with you — specifically that means wearing a pair of heated slippers. Or to be more specific, wearing the Volt 3V Smart Heated Slippers.

The slippers comes in varying sizes and is unisex by design; ranging from small to medium to large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. They’re neither plain nor shoddy but sturdily constructed: on the bottom where contact is always being made, there’s a robust outsole with a non-slip design. Inside is memory foam to comfort and console the foot inserted. And at the top where your ankles show, there’s a faux (fake) fur lining wrapping around the ankles to help trap in the heat. “But where’s that heat coming from, you say?” It’s actually be being generated inside the slippers themselves.

Two small rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium battery packs are part of the deal (one for each slipper) — as is a wall charger to bring them up to power. Once they’ve been juiced up and ready, each goes into a small zippered compartment near the top of the shoe, which resides inside the faux fur lining. But first a small wired plug is pulled out of the compartment and plugged into the battery pack. Which then gets turned on. The battery pack now begins to dispense heat which circulates and engulfs your tootsies. And while all this is going on, an internal thermal management system is keeping the inside of the slippers at a warm but comfortable temperature. For up to 4 hours being needing a recharge, is what the specs say. The power button that is used to turn each battery pack on is also used to regulate the heat setting (i.e., increasing/decreasing). So this not only affects the amount of heat being diffused throughout the slipper, but also the amount of time that the heat will be in effect.

The Volt 3V Smart Heated Slippers come in brown, gray or navy, retail for $119.95 (regardless of size chosen) and performs a simple task efficiently and effectively. Just insert your feet and these slippers will keep them warm. Now that’s great technology at work!

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