Storage Goes Huge With The 2.0TB OWC Internal HDD Storage Drive Upgrade for Sony PlayStation 4

2.0TB OWC Internal HDD Storage Drive Upgrade for Sony PlayStation 4
What do all gamers have in common? The need for more hard drive space because there’s always more games out there then it’s possible for a single drive to hold. And because that’s just as true with PlayStation 4 gamers, why not double, triple or even quadruple the drive’s capacity by getting the 2.0TB OWC Internal HDD Storage Drive Upgrade for Sony PlayStation 4? Which works with all three models; the original, the slim and the pro. So what you are going to do is replace that existing PS4 drive with one that has much greater capacity.

Now since this replacement hard drive is all about DIY (do-it-yourself), it would help if the PS4 wouldn’t throw up any roadblocks. Turns out it doesn’t — each of the 3 models requires less than 10 minutes to remove the existing drive, using an included screwdriver. Of course the procedure does require doing a few things first: the most important (obvious) being whether you want to save just the settings from the drive or everything that’s on it (like games). For the first, OWC provides a 8GB thumb drive that works with just an easy insertion. Going whole copy requires a lot more space, so that’s where your own USB external drive comes in. The important thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of whether you have a Mac or a PC, you’ll be able to do these saves and make the new drive function as it should.

So you’ve unplugged the PS4, removed all the connecting cables and placed it where static-electricity isn’t going to kick at you (avoiding carpeted areas to start with). It’s on a clean surface and you’ve looked at the OWC videos so you know how to get the drive out. You take your new drive and place it where the old one was and reverse the process to close it back up inside the PS4. Physical hard part is now done.

With the PS4 plugged in and all the cables re-connected, it’s time to follow OWC’s instructions for putting the PS4’s operating system on your new drive. This is where patience and the willingness to follow steps in order one after the other will result in success. With this done and the PS4 now running, you again follow the instructions for restoring the settings and, if a backup was made, putting everything you had on the old drive back onto the new one. And as should be obvious, you’re continuing to use your existing account, it’s not like you’re starting out from scratch.

Now some companies give you just what you need and leave it at that. OWC’s not like that and they know that you’re now “stuck” with a case-less drive. So they give you a case to turn that old drive into a USB external. Pretty sweet.

The 2.0TB OWC Internal HDD Storage Drive Upgrade for Sony PlayStation 4 retails for $124.99. Those looking for a bit less storage can opt for the 1 Terabyte hard drive kit ($84.75) or the 1TB SSHD hybrid drive kit for $119.99 (all kits features a Toshiba 5300rpm drive). No matter which one you get, now you can game on “till the end of time.”

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