Light and Sound Comes With Monster’s Firecracker Photolite

Firecracker Photolite
So you want a Bluetooth speaker that’s big enough to make an impact, but not limited to only making noise. Monster Cable gets it so they took all that and built what kind of looks like a mini-me version of a Star Wars blaster. So that has to mean light, even though it’s no light saber. Monster’s Firecracker Photolite is what it’s called and guaranteed to wake you up if you kick it to loud.

Obviously it’s got Bluetooth so it can stream wirelessly from a phone or tablet. NFC too, as that makes for easier pairing for those phones that can handle that.

Go back far enough and you could call the Firecracker a “boom-box” because it sure gets loud. That’s helped along by having a passive bass radiator to get the low ends pushed out, even as the mid-range and higher bits work their way through the two full-range drivers (making stereo the default). Thank the digital amplifier for being able to provide the “oomph” and that even helps when it turns into one cool-looking speakerphone (can’t forget that a smartphone does do calls too). And with 25 hours to sound off, who won’t hear it? Or be able to ignore its fire engine red and black hues? Unless you go with one of the other colors, like black or gold or the green combo?

Now back t that “light” thing mentioned above — wasn’t just trying to be clever because for 7 hours it’ll make things light up. The end of the Firecracker has a ridiculously bright LED light built in — yep there’s the retro aspect because you could call it a flashlight (or more to the reality, a “light lantern”). Use the light for seeing what’s what in the dark since you can take it on the road because of course it’s rugged enough to deal with some mishandling. And water resistant too. But more 21st Century is that the blast of illumination is set at “daylight” which means it’s perfect for for taking pictures or selfies with the phone (compare it to the pathetic little LED light on a phone and you gotta laugh).

The Firecracker Photolite includes a color matching strap and carabiner clip and retails for $129.95, which would be good enough if all it did was shout at you. But it goes all spotlight as well.

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