The MoGo Movie-on-the-Go Makes Watching Movies Big and Immersive

MoGo Movie-on-the-Go
Everyone wants a big screen for watching TV and movies at home. Make that a HUGE screen. But since you can’t upgrade a TV like you would a smartphone after a year or two, whatever size the TV is you’re stuck with. But not if you put on a VR-like optical mask that holds a smartphone and so you get a bigger picture. But you can also have a hard time making it all work out, not to mention getting eyestrain. None of which will occur if what you are wearing is the MoGo Movie-on-the-Go.

The MoGo has no batteries so it’s always working — once you put your smartphone into it, 2D viewing on what appears to be a 100′ screen becomes apparent (or to “look” at it another way, that’s like being in the 6th row of a movie theater, minus the ticket, cost of snacks and sticky floors). Eyeglass wearers aren’t jeopardized either. It’s designed to work with any conventional smartphone now on the market and has a simple cradle to use in conjunction when necessary. Access to the phone’s touch screen? Sure, just reach up from the bottom and proceed (no controller to lose either). Plus side panels that allow for “situational awareness” — a fancy name for saying you won’t be spooked by anyone around you. Also there’s in-place means for tamping down ambient light that might be causing flare or image degradation.

How the MoGo Movie-on-theGo goes about performing its task differs from others. For one thing, the lenses themselves are designed so as to provide a 90% field of view with 100% retention of the pixels being seen (or as they are perceived, some 4 times sharper than would otherwise be the case). Additionally, the image is increased by a factor of 5 times; another way of creating a more immersive experience for those watching. It also excels for drone streaming, as it creates the equivalent of a 21” monitor free of any glare. That’s something useful for remote viewing of digital SLR’s too.

But perhaps the most important and valuable aspect involves avoiding the person’s eyes from tensing up and refocusing as the view is being presented, due to the side-by-side reality of viewing. This decreases the chances of eye strain, with the resulting headaches, nausea and other annoyances that prevents enjoyable viewing over long periods of time.

So figure it takes a couple of minutes to get your phone into it for the first time but then it’s a simple matter of putting it in and then taking it out when done. MoGo expects the content to be 720p HD or greater — who wants to watch standard definition blown up big and pixelated anyway? What’s important to keep in mind is that MoGo doesn’t employ any scaling or image replications; it’s a pure optical approach eschewing software manipulation. Sure you’ll have to work a bit to train your eyes to handle the screen size being so up close and personal, but what’s a little challenge when the rewards are so great? Even if the fact that it’s geared for HD + 16:9 2D movies and so 360 degree video and VR applications are less suitable to use.

The MoGo Movie-on-the-Go comes in a couple of colors and styles — for example, the MoGo Travel which comes in a foldable design so taking it with you becomes a lot more viable (whether you use the included soft pouch or not). MoGo Movie-on-the-Go works with any iOS/Android app as well as for viewing movies or augmented reality, etc. Future uses will include technology for inputting 2D video directly via HDMI, as well as a drone remote controller and digital SLR connection and a refraction add-on to eliminate having to wear prescription glasses while using it. So think of the MoGo as suddenly having the super power to make your viewing screen really big so sit back — or stand if you want — and enjoy.

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