Nomad’s Lightning Cables Are Tough

Nomad Lightning Cables
With all the talk about wireless charging, plugging in a cable to your iPhone is still the safest guarantee of getting the battery charged. So of course manufacturers by the dozens have made Lightning cables available, and at varying prices from moderate to cheap to ridiculously cheap. But considering that a Lightning Cable certified by Apple isn’t totally “dumb,” you’d expect to pay a little bit more to get a quality cable that would last longer than you can tie your sneakers. So why do so many Lightning cables end up with frayed edges or, worse yet, the outer wrappings actually disengaging from the wiring? Probably because you’re not using Nomad’s Lighting Cables.

Let’s start with what the 1.5 meter and 3 meter Lightning Cables have in common: a 5 year warranty. Yep you heard right, not 90 days or 1 year but five fingers and a thumb of one hand. Since Nomad doesn’t plan to go out of business in 2018, that means the Lightning cable you just bought is going to last you well past 2020. So sure any cable can do that, if you never take it out of its packaging. What’s different about Nomad’s?

Easy enough to answer. Their Lightning Cables have an outer covering of braided ballistic nylon — that handles abrasions, resists tears and the other bugaboos of day to day wear probably a lot better than you do. The RF shielding is reinforced, but you can’t see that or the fact that an extra thick wire gauge is being used — plus a “robust” polyamide core (whatever that is, but it does sound impressive).

And since the cables aren’t keep neatly lined up like parallel lines, they’re flex tested to 10K military specifications. That’ll do.

Nomad’s Lighting Cables cost $29.95 for the 1.5 meter version and $34.95 for the 3 meter version. You’ll spend a few bucks more than getting them elsewhere, but you sure won’t be needing to replace them anytime soon.

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