Cook Better With The Negg and Silicone Splatter Guard

Silicone Splatter Guard
Everybody loves to eat, but cooking? Not so much. But it’s not making a pot roast or something exotic that galls, it’s the little things like messing up peeling a hard boiled egg or having to deal with splattering coming from sizzling bacon. Fortunately The Grommet has solutions for these last two aggravations in the Negg and the Silicone Splatter Guard.

The Negg is a hard boiled egg peeler. As anybody who has peeled an egg by hand knows, just saying it can be done doesn’t make it so, because all too often the egg shells end up becoming a mess as does the egg itself (often having chunks being taken out during the attempt). How the Negg gets the shell to vacate the premises is a result of its construction and an easy manual process. But first let’s note that the clear body which allows one to see the egg getting taken care of is made from BPA-free acrylic plastic that can be hand-washed.

So the lid is removed and the egg is inserted, after having filled the cylinder with a quarter cup of water. The lid is closed and, in one hand or using two, the Negg is now shaken up and down as the egg impacts both the top and bottom caps. Having done this for about 4-12 shakes, the egg is removed and now the shell will just slide off for a quick disposal.

The Negg includes a manual that can be put away after being read once (because it notes the all-vital need of the egg not being hot, but instead chilled or having been in the refrigerator prior to being peeled), as well as a recipe leaflet. It retails for $17.95 and comes in a wide variety of colors to match any kitchen decor: being yellow, fuchsia, red, white or black.

Now as to ending the splatter “dance,” turn to the Silicone Splatter Guard. It does exactly as its name says and is about as simple an idea as you could ask for — you stop splattering from happening by keeping it contained within an all-encompassing wall. Looking a bit like the cone you place around a dog’s head after a trip to the vet, this cone instead slips into the edges of the pot or pan so as to create a “wall” against flying grease and other fluids emanating from the food as it cooks. Designed to be heat resistant up to 450 degrees, its composition is that of a food grade soft silicon (BPA-free of course) that can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher and folded up for storage afterwards. It comes in two sizes — 10” and 12” — so as to fit snugly in pots and pans of its specific sizing and at a cost of $18.66 and $24.61 respectively. Color options include green, red and orange.

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