Punkt’s AC01 Alarm Clock Is Designer Time

AC01 Alarm Clock
There are times when all you want from an alarm clock is to be able to look and see the time or have it wake you when you want and that’s it. No colored lights, no music coming forth, no app to run. But you don’t go with some clunky looking alarm clock. No, you go with Punkt’s AC01 Alarm Clock.

The ACO1 is impressive to look at because it’s designed to be a simplistic looking alarm clock without any wasted space. It’s upright, it’s padded where it makes contact and it has the time plainly showing on its front. Nor does it hurt that the construction is of glass and aluminum and yes a bit of plastic too.

So you remove the back and pull the tab on the button batteries that will power it. Then close it back up, rotate the knob and set the time (sure, you can use your phone for that). That’s the extent of the setup so now for using it.

You wake up and it’s the middle of the night you want to know what time it is. Rather than fumbling for your phone, getting the recharge cord all messed up or having the phone fall to the floor (no case, because you’re stubborn), just tap the back top to illuminate the dial. A gentle glow shows you the time and then goes away as it should — why pay for battery power lighting up all the time? You go back to sleep, sort of noting that the alarm setting icon is live, being a white circle.

Time to get up for real. Since you set the alarm last night, the sound you’re hearing is telling you that your day awaits. But since you’d rather catch a couple more minutes, your hand slaps down at the snooze tab. Now it’s all quiet again — for 5 minutes anyway before the alarm goes off again. This time you get up, turn the switch to the “off” position and surrender to the morning.

The Punkt AC01 Alarm Clock comes in an assortment of colors — white, red, black and anodized silver — none of which change the basic manner in which it functions. So if what you want is an attractive, designer alarm clock (by Jasper Morrison, the English product and furniture designer), one that’s free of electromagnetic emissions and meaningless bells and whistles, then this is the one to get. Your time is worth $185.00.

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