Gamevice Makes Game Control Fun Again

Have you noticed how mobile games try and fail at simulating a game controller on the touch screen? Tapping just doesn’t have the same feel or “oomph” that a physical button does. And a joystick you can’t really grab because it’s not there (being digital) isn’t pretty. Or easy to work. But since smartphones and tablets have pretty much taken over as the “consoles” for games, then getting Gamevice for your iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet is the way to go.

So while there are different models for iPhones and iPads, they all function the same so let’s use the one compatible with the iPad 20017, 9.7” iPad Pro, iPad Air/iPad Air 2. This retails for $99.95.

There are two parts to the Gamevice; attaching one each to the side of the tablet relies on friction and simplicity to hold them in place. You connect first the side featuring the Lightning connector and connect it to the iPad’s similar port. That means no pairing with Bluetooth or anything that can slow down the action. Also, charging Gamevice through its own Lightning port also shares the AC power with the iPad. And should you wish to listen in private, just plug headphones into a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Gamevice. Finally there’s a 4 LED indicator to show you how much power there is working on the controller. And no, Gamevice hardly makes a dent in the iPad’s overall weight (being just 0.28 lb. has been added).

So now you’re ready to grab those controls. Which are just what a hard core gamer expects —it’s what a game in this day of 4th generation consoles expects. So each hand has an analog thumbstick to grip. Then on the left is the D-Pad, while a full set of buttons — A, B, X, Y — on the right are ready to rumble (but no, no vibrations here). Plus there’s L1 and R1 bumpers and L2 and R2 triggers. Even a Menu button. Muscle memory should work just fine now.

But great as all this is, without there being games that are compatible, who cares? So there are — a ton of them to be sure. Heck, there’s close to 1000 on Apples App Store. And for those lazy lookers, finding those compatible games get easy by going to Gamevice’s website, ‘cause there’s a section noting these games. There’s even support now for DJI’s Spark Drone and Sphero’s programmable robot.

Apple iOS users (a.k.a., iPhones, iPads) now have no excuse for their game having a lousy score. But talking about using Gamevice isn’t what it’s all about — it’s playing the games and playing them well. Which you can do now.

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