Hold Onto Edifier’s MP200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

MP200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker,
You expect a large speaker to sound loud, but how convenient or portable is it to lug one of those around? Better to have a portable speaker that’s easy to carry, simple to use and durable enough to handle being treated roughly. All of which describes Edifier’s MP200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which is even light enough to be hung using the attached hand string. And thanks to an IP54 rating, getting it wet or dirty isn’t going to cause any grief.

The MP200 is about as compact as the cube can be; yet there’s a lot of electronics working inside, from Bluetooth 4.1 to a rechargeable battery with up to12 hours of playback power as well as a speaker with embedded controls. So yes you can use it to play your music streaming from a mobile phone or tablet or laptop. But not just paired with a single device either, because 2 devices can share the pairing so the playlist can expand. But should you want the tunes to continue while keeping the electronics safety tucked away, just fill a micro-SD card with what you want to hear and leave it inserted inside the NAME — now having those external controls makes a lot more sense. So; the 3 buttons let control volume, track playback and whether to listen or not. Plus what good is any BT speaker if it can’t be turned into a speakerphone? So it can be — because it has a microphone built in.

But what about the sound quality that’s coming from what is, after all, a speaker small enough to fit in this cube? The sound not only sounds good but is surprisingly loud if you want that — inside that’s not such an issue but outside where there’s plenty of surface noise that can make quite an impact. Because its not the puny 3 watts expected, but a much greater 5.5 watts of power. And speaking of impact, since it’s small enough to hold onto, it would be nice if it didn’t have hard edges to dig into the hand. So it doesn’t.

The MP200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker gives you a large choice of colors — ranging from black, blue, light blue, green, light green, white and yellow. Regardless of color, the retail is the same — being $34.00.

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