Remote Heating Control With Sinope’s TH1500RF Web Programmable Double-Pole Thermostat

TH1500RF Web Programmable Double-Pole Thermostat
Whole house control is just a fancy way of saying that you can do things in your home using automation and not by flipping switches whenever you have to. But really, who needs to turn their home into a showcase for electronics when it’s specific functions that are wanted. Having a closet door open itself is silly, but having the heat or AC turn on just before you come home means saving time and most of all, money. That’s why being able to program the home thermostat is useful, but being able to remotely control it is even more so. That’s where Sinope’s TH1500RF Web Programmable Double-Pole Thermostat comes in.

The TH1500RF features 7-day programming, up to 6 periods per day, and is specifically designed for use with electric heating system — provided they’re compatible such as a baseboard heater, a convector (short cycle), fan-forced convector (long cycle) and radiant ceiling heating. It has a straightforward clean look, being vertically shaped with a minimum of buttons and a large LCD panel at the top. But first it needs to replace the existing thermostat. The TH1500RF mounts directly into a standard 2″ x 4″ vertical electrical outlet box. While it can be done by the owner, it is recommended that this be done by a certified electrician is to be used (thus complying with local and national electrical codes). The basic procedure, after turning off the heating circuit at the main electrical panel so as to avoid electrical shock, is to remove the existing thermostat, unlock the TH1500RF’s cover, connect the 4 polarized load/line wires provided, replace the cover and lock it.

Directly viewable now is the temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) as well as the ability to make setting changes.

So that’s what it can do with you right there, but what about remotely, be that from the bedroom or from a coffee shop or restaurant or work or even the car (not done by the driver while driving of course)? That’s where the real control comes from: the thermostat being accessed through Wi-Fi using an app (iOS/Android) or web browser (PC/Mac). But it can not directly connect to a home network as it needs a “gateway.” So that’s where the GT125 Web Interface ($89.95) goes into action. It connects to the home network through the router and automatically syncs with Sinope’s server. Then a brief press of the thermostat’s WiFi button takes care of joining the two together. Now programming or changing settings can be done whenever/wherever; you can view your home’s room temperature in real-time; display the time and outdoor temperature; place the thermostat into “away” mode with a single action; generate energy consumption reports.

In addition, the thermostat uses mesh network topology and so no repeater is necessary — the thermostat can act as one if the emitted signal is too weak so no worries about not being connected.

Being able to remotely control your home’s thermostat doesn’t make you lazy but in effect better: less energy will be used because the heating system won’t be used when it’s not needed. With Sinope’s TH1500RF Web Programmable Double-Pole Thermostat (retail/$109.95) you’ll be saving energy, planetary resources and most of all money. So this benefits the environment as well as you.

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