BBQ Right With Outdoor Edge’s Cut-N-Que Pro BBQ Set

Cut-N-Que Pro BBQ Set
Cooking outdoors looks a lot easier than it is. That’s because few have the proper cooking tools on hand. “Making do” has no place in the scheme of things, not if those waiting to eat are staring at you with hungry eyes. So instead of taking chances, you took Outdoor Edge’s Cut-N-Que Pro BBQ Set along to do the job right.

To get started it’s necessary to have a safe surface to put the food — be that fish or fowl or meat or veggies — onto for preparing the meal. Rather than bringing your own, the Cut-N-Que Pro BBQ Set provides three full-sized (red, white, blue) colored cutting mats

Now you’d expect there to be knifes and there are: a 13″ carving knife with 8.5″ blade, a 12″ overall Santorum knife with a 7.25″ blade and a 10.5″ overall utility knife with 6″ blade. These are professional grade chef’s knifes — German 4116 stainless steel doesn’t fool around. And since you shouldn’t fool around handling such sharp tools, the handles are made of soft, non-slip TPE (TPE handles have deep grooves which helps in gripping them even with wet or slippery hands). To help in keeping the knives sharp, included is a carbide/ceramic sharpener.

For use on the grill, there’s tongs, a fork and a spatula. Plus a silicone basting brush, grill brush/scraper (attaching to the fork in use), What all of these have in common is that they’ve a sliding shaft for expanding their length to 17” so that you’re not forced to have your face sticking right into the fire (obviously there’s a locking mechanism to keep the shafts in place once set). Once done, they retract so as to be returned to their storage spot in the case (see below). But cleaning them off first is required, so this is aided by the tools having removable ends to make accessing the detriment/debre more easily.

Having to carry all of this around would be a pain (not to mention ending up losing most of them), so the NAME includes a hard-sided case with the all-important handle. Sure you need to take the time to put things back where they came from, but on the plus side is the fact that everything is right there waiting to be used. There’s even a nylon bag for storing the grill brush.

The 14 piece Cut-N-Que Pro BBQ Set retails for $84.95. For that price you’re getting what is basically portable kitchen drawers filled with everything needed to make a BBQ, camping or any outdoor cooking activity a success. And by success it’s meant that what has been cooked tastes as good as it looks.

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