The PIQ Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker Knows How To Hit

PIQ Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker
Boxing may not be considered the most genteel of sports, but there’s no getting around the fact that there’s a science to how one goes about scoring points by hitting another person. But like any sport, a lot of time and effort must be put into how the boxer fights. Sure professionals and the like have coaches to watch and guide them, but for those less inclined to look at boxing as the end-all of life, too bad. And since there’s a lot of these kind of folks putting on gloves, how about technology lending a hand (glove?)? So Everlast teamed up with PIQ Sport Intelligence to create the PIQ Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker.

The PIQ ROBOT Blue is, at its heart, a sports sensor, a wireless sensing device — it records how the glove (or wrapping) its placed around is doing, as the hand moves to impact with a heavy bag or an Aqua bag or shadow boxing or in a sparring session. No LCD screen, so no exorbitant price either (the retail is $99.00). It’s analyzing motion and data in real-time (each punch thrown, reaction time, etc.). Obviously the Sensor is shock resistant as well as waterproof. Plus it doesn’t add any real weight to the glove or wrapping it is placed around.

So now to the specifics: the ROBOT Blue’s internal battery is charged on the magnetic USB charger first so it has power. Then it’s attached to the Punch strap, which then gets wrapped around the glove or wrapping so as to be close to the wrist area (and on the palm up side so it doesn’t get whacked). It’s turned on and is ready to go.

What happens next is what you’d expect: the hand moves and hits the target, over and over again during the session length (be that against an inanimate object or another person, etc.). The sensor is recording the type of punches, the force of the punches and the number of punches being done. When the punching/session is done, all that data is now ready to be viewed, understood and evaluated.

Which is where the iOS/Android app comes in. Bringing the ROBOT Blue into close proximity with the smartphone running the app, pressing two buttons transfers the data to the phone. And to the profile of the person that has been set up beforehand. This “flushes” out the sensor so that it’s ready to start again. Meanwhile there’s a whole lot of information on the app to now be had.

So what can now be seen are such things as a PIQ score for the speed, the G force of the impact and the retraction time for every punch thrown; giving you totals and averages of what done. Daily, weekly or monthly, the information is now to be had so focus can be directed on those areas not doing as well as others. It’s even possible to drill down into individual punches and see information on them. And of course do drills to improve. There’s even leaderboards for comparing can compare how one is doing against others also using the app.

PIQ Sports Intelligence has no problem with a second one being purchased for use on the other hand, in fact it’s a good idea since the app can coordinate and display information from both as easily as it does from one. What the PIQ Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker does is show you what you are doing well and what you are not. So you can improve on what you are not doing so good at, while getting even better at what you are doing well.

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