The Catalyst Case for the New iPhone Is Good For The iPhone X

Catalyst Case for the New iPhone
A thing of beauty may be a joy forever, but a cracked iPhone X is something to cry about. Let’s face it — nobody likes to put their attractive smartphone inside of a case that hides it away, but there’s no good alternative if the phone is such that one drop to the floor or pavement can result in breakage. And with the iPhone’s high cost for repair being a fact of life, better a protective case than waiting for Murphy’s Law to come knocking. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for something ugly; not if you’ve the Catalyst Case for the New iPhone.

So sure that’s not exactly a glorious name, but at least you get more colors than jut stealth black to choose from (being Army Green, Blueridge/Sunset and Coral). The Catalyst case employs a truss impact system that cradles the iPhone X safely and securely without bulking it up. That’s a good start but better still is the non-slip rubber grip that makes holding it, even with sweaty hands, a safe transaction.

But should it slip, Catalyst has the iPhone X’s back. It’s got drop proof protection exceeding the usual 6 feet — try 9.9 feet instead (3 meters). Realistically that means it does a much better job of protecting the iPhone X when it falls a short distance. Not that you want to try this out, but good to know. It also comes with a lanyard, but few will give it a go — making the drop protection and non-slip rubber construction well worth the price.

We’ll get to the price in a second or two, but it’s also worth noting that Catalyst adds in a feature that probably will get overlooked — in general all the iPhone X’s controls are accessed directly although they’re covered — even that infernal mute switch (we say “infernal” because this switch often seems to have a life of its own). There’s a tab covering the mute switch which you rotate to activate the silence/return from the silence and which is big enough to make it presence known but not so big as to aggravate its being there.

The Catalyst Case for the New iPhone is a good choice for impact protection and retails for $39.99.

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