Better Humidity from the Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier

Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier
Everyone talks about making things “retro,” but who doesn’t want everything in their home to be as cutting edge as possible? So shouldn’t the well-used humidifier — putting moisture into the air so as to ease skin and breathing conditions — get updated to be more modern too? Stadler Form thinks so, which is why their Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier does so much.

Let’s start with what you see — Eva is sleek and designed to be free standing, so the stress of finding a place for it is gone. Just have it sit directly on the floor without any incident. Is that common for a humidifier? No, it’s not. And because warm or cool mist needs to climb high if it’s going to make its way through the room, the mist can be ejected on up to 1.4 meters high.

Now because having to get up every time you want to make a setting adjustment is a pain, don’t do it. Use the remote control instead. But even the remote is dissimilar to those found on other humidifiers: this remote has a humidity sensor built into it. Get the idea? This enables a precise reading where it counts the most — where the people are who are holding the remote or have it near them. Since the people are is the reason for why EVA is there in the first place. So it makes perfect sense that the humidify levels being monitored should be where the people are. And now this is being done.

So how exactly does EVA function? By using ultrasonic and an Adaptive Humidity technology to reach and maintain the desired humidity levels automatically (being variable from 30-75% or continuous). And for those concerned about the warm up time that a humidifier must take before it is dispensing moisture in the air efficiently, in Eva’s case, there’s a pre-heating feature that can be used. Eva even goes one further by having a “hidden’ compartment at the bottom that can be ignored…or not. Spice things up by adding some essential oils inside this compartment to add scented ambience to the atmosphere.

Eva also understands that it’s going to be used at night, not just during the day. That’s why its LED indicators have three levels of illumination (or can be shut off completely). Besides an auto mode (you want it to turn itself off, sure) and 5 output levels, there’s also the built-in protection of it turning itself off when the water tank is empty.

The Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier can work for up to 30 hours at a go, has a replaceable anti-calcium cartridge built in and comes in black or white. It retails for $199.99.

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