Your Car is Safe and Connected With Splitscnd

A car makes for freedom and mobility, but what about being safe once you get inside or behind the wheel? It doesn’t matter if it’s teens or seniors or whoever — an emergency demands a quick response. And no, having a smartphone in the car isn’t the answer because what’s needed is a “smart” system that’s able to monitor and respond when needed. That’s where the Splitscnd comes in.

Splitscnd is designed to be used in one car and looks like one of those USB 12v plugs that goes into what was once called the “cigarette lighter” (now USB socket) for power — but it’s really fat. That’s because there’s a sensor that detects when a crash occurs (like that of an airbag), then contacts a 24/7 emergency response center — a collision test demonstrated that the crash data transmitted into the device in 0.46 seconds, with connecting to the center occurring in 7 seconds. Obviously there must be a 3G cellular system built in, plus a mic and speaker. This means that you don’t need a smartphone to have it work — it just does. The call center even knows to call 911 if no one in the car responds. So there would have to be GPS to be able to know where the car is. Yep, it’s there. Splitscnd can even call an emergency contact number because you added this in during the registration profile created on the company’s website using a web browser (having included not just the device’s serial number but also your VIN number and license plate).

But back to what you’ll find if looking at Splitscnd. At its end is a USB socket so you’re not giving up that front/dashboard connection where you plug in a phone. And there’s even an embedded battery backup which knows when to kick in, should the car battery give out. Plus with all that, there’s even room still for an emergency “Help” button for a quick push to connect to live help.

Now don’t worry, those of you who love smartphones. There IS an app (iOS/Android), although it’s not required for Splitscnd to function. What the app does is provide interesting (and potentially calming of nerves) details as to what the car is up to: the GPS showing in [near] real-time where the car is; other things the app brings to the table includes location based boundary alerts, detailed trip reporting and more. No shoving to be the one using the app either s up to 6 can share it (using Family Sharing on iOS as example).

And for those who might worry, Splitscnd is crash test certified and has been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Communications Commission/European Conformity, the Global Certification Forum and European eCall. And endorsed by AARP, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and CTIA – The Wireless Association.

Splitscnd works in any vehicle that has a USB connection to give it power (and is designed to stop drawing power shortly after the car has stopped). It is priced in two ways: spend $299.99 and you get Splitscnd and a lifetime subscription service package. For those preferring pay-as-they-go, $149.00 gets you the Splitscnd device, with a monthly subscription charge of $9.99 bringing in all of the features. There’s even talk of adding roadside assistance, although that is not part of the deal right now.

Sure most cars today are filled with “smart” features, but some of them seem useless when there’s a real emergency. Splitscnd may have come in a box but once it’s plugged in, you’ll want to keep it there. Because it gives you the high tech protection features that could make all the difference in an emergency.

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