The Home Fragrance Experience Begins With The Aera Smart 2.0 Diffuser

Aera Smart 2.0 Diffuser
People will often use air fresheners because they think their home needs to smell “better,” especially when guests are to be present. But wouldn’t it make more sense for the home to always smell good to those who live there? That’s where the Aera Smart 2.0 Diffuser comes in. Because it is predicated on the belief that a home should have an inviting aura to it that can only come from a beautiful fragrance wafting throughout.

The Aera, to be simplistic, is a device that sits in the home and dispenses a fragrance of your choosing (from a long list of available choices) into the air. It also has an attractive look that doesn’t draw attention (that’s not its job) but for sure doesn’t detract from any room’s decor. But the difference between it and running through the house spraying air freshener goes well beyond just convenience: it’s how Aera does its task that makes it so effective.

Having placed a fragrance capsule inside its compartment, Aera uses a micro-droplet technology to dispense an even scented “mist” into the environment. What is being outputting is dispensed so evenly as to be undetectable to the eye (but not the nose). This hypoallergenic dispersion enables the scent to last for months of use, not days. The dry vapor entering the environments is free of heat and residue (no volatile organic compounds either) and opens up a whole world of scent appreciation. So if a warm and cozy feeling is what’s needed in bedroom, there’s a scent capsule for that. Or to provide a more challenging feeling to the environment as the day progresses, in the living room instead, there’s a scent for that too. And because sound isn’t conducive to what is going on, in use the Aera is quiet.

Now for sure what the Aera is doing isn’t limited to an on/off switch (there’s 10 adjustable settings). To control it you have the choice of using a free (iOS/Android) app to control scent levels and set schedules as to when scents are to be dispersed (i.e., telling Aera to begin just before you get home from a hard day at work, etc). Or you can use Amazon’s ALEX to enable voice control of a set number of functions as well. Its also worth mentioning that the company which made Aera anticipated its use in living rooms, not just bedrooms, and so filling that larger space has been baked in. But of course smaller rooms can be just as effectively scented (that’s why there’s control over settings).

These scents comes in easy-to-insert capsules and represent a wide range so that users can choose that which best reflects their tastes and preferences, with the best perfumers having been called in to create them. So let’s name a few of the 25mL capsules: there’s Odyssey (notes of citrus, Juniper and Soft Woods), Indigo (notes of Citrus, Cedarwood and Sandalwood), Zephyr (notes of Lotus Petals, Lily of the Valley and Sandalwood) among many others. These retail for $50.00 each.

The Aera Smart 2.0 Diffuser retails for $199.00 and comes with a Moondance Fragrance Capsule, which provides a warm balance of bergamot and amber, floral notes of iris and red honeysuckle tempered by a trace of vanilla.SoiIsn’t it about time you paid as much attention to your nose as you have to your eyes when it comes to how your home treats you? Because of Aera, now you can.

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