An iPhone Shoots Better With Hitcase’s TrueLUX Lenses

Every generation of iPhone touts an improved camera – but what about the lens? With the exception of 2 lens systems, the iPhone relies on a single lens to take care of every picture it shoots, regardless of whether you’re inside a room or at the Grand Canyon. So wouldn’t it make more sense to have specific focal lengths (the amount of angle of view the lens “sees”) depending on what is being shot? Sure it does. And if you have Hitcase’s TrueLUX lenses, you can.

The TrueLux series consists of 3 lenses, each being meticulously crafted and of an all glass design — no plastic nonsense here. These are precision lenses too; made of optical glass and to the same exacting standards as if they were 20X the size going on a DSLR. So with that out of the way, quality isn’t going to be an issue for whatever the lens sees.

Now as to what each lens is and does. There is the SuperWide, the Wide and the Macro. Going in reverse order, the Macro is designed for extreme close up work — meaning you’re not shooting pictures of a billboard, but instead the text on a penny in your hand. Or a bead of water on a blade of grass. The specs of the Macro lens says it captures at 3X magnification and is usable in a working distance of 12-22mm (0.47 -0.87 inches). So yes, it does do exactly what its name implies. As for the Wide lens, it enables 2X more photo to fit into the frame: making for more imaging for landscape, travel and sports photography and videos. Lastly, there’s the SuperWide, adding a very wide “view” that really brings it all in.

All of the lenses feature an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating, with edge-to-edge imaging/no vignette apparent and low chromatic aberration (in the case of the SuperWide, no barrel distortion either). In the case of the iPhone 7/8 there’s no issues with the optical stabilization either or lack of full sensor range. Plus the aluminum construction of the lenses and the inclusion of colored lens caps (front/rear elements) for each lens adds to the durability. They also share waterproof, shockproof and dust/snow proofing abilities. Meaning that there’s no reasonable situation where you can not use them with your iPhone.

To use the lenses, a compatible case is required. The Hitcase CRIO, Shield LINK and PRO cases all fit this requirement; the lenses being held in position either through magnetic attraction or via a threaded screw on capacity.

The TrueLUX lenses are available now. Both the TrueLUX Wide and TrueLUX Macro retail for $34.99 each. The TrueLUX SuperWide retails for $39.99.

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