Tablets Are Hands Free With The SLOPE Tablet Stand

Tablets give you a lot more screen than smartphones, but at the cost of having to hold it with both hands. So what’s the best way to keep a tablet there where you need it without hands being involved — put it in a case with a standing flap or connected to a keyboard? No, the answer is to have a tablet stand that keeps a tablet in place easily and without any chance of it causing damage. That’s where the SLOPE Tablet Stand comes in.

While the SLOPE will work with any tablet (that includes e-readers obviously) which has a flat back and dimensions greater than 8” (i.e., the commonplace 9.5” models). Its design is very reminiscent of an iMac: it’s made of brushed and anodized aluminum and has a curved shaped base with a small “footprint.” Meaning that iIt doesn’t take up much space and faces you directly. So how does the tablet stay in position? By adhering to two micro-suction pads that are built into the front. You just position the tablet onto the pad and that’s it. No residue or sticky stuff coming off on the tablet when you remove it either. The special foam of the pads are comprised of thousands of microscopic air pockets — each acting like its own tiny suction cup. You press the tablet against the pads and the micro-suction does the rest (i.e., a solid gripping force).

Now should the pads seem to be getting a bit “tired” at doing their job, just wipe them down with some water to restore the adhering effectiveness. And because it wouldn’t be useful otherwise, yes you can position the tablet horizontally as well as vertically. Also Wipilabs, who makes it, points out that replacement pads (for those so inclined) are available for $9.99.

The SLOPE Tablet Stand is also available in a Mini version that will work with tablets of the 8” variety — meaning it becomes usable for smartphones as well. The larger size version retails for $49.99 while the Mini retails for $39.99.

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