Slumbr Pillows Make For A Good Night’s Sleep

Who would argue against the importance of getting a good night’s sleep? Yet few pay any attention to the pillow that is going to reside behind one’s head all night, night after night. Those who wouldn’t grab just any cereal off the grocery shelf seem content with grabbing any pillow that comes into reach and calling it a day. The correct response is to choose a pillow that fits the particular needs of the person who is going to be using it – i.e., how they lie in bed and what kind of response they’re hoping the pillow will provide. So it’s no wonder that Slumbr makes a number of pillows that do just that — with the ARA Buckwheat Pillow and the LYRA Latex Pillow being two good examples.

Pick up the ARA and the “insides” start to move. That’s because the filling is buckwheat — naturally hypoallergenic. The 5lbs of flattened 100% organic buckwheat are grown in the US, with the hulls having been dusted, triple-cleaned and frozen and free of pesticides herbicides or any other chemical agents. Nor are there any flame retardants used or added. Yes it will rustle a bit as you lie against it, but that’s just for a few seconds amidst the relief from neck pain that it provides by contouring to one’s neck and head.

The buckwheat hulls can be adjusted (moved about) to contour to your body and then they stay put — it’s a stable and consistent support that brings out the “firm” in firmness. This is not a soft pillow nor does it try to be — it’s relatively heavy and helped along by being a smaller size than the “standard” pillow (as in 14×20”). Much of its adjustability comes from the unbleached cotton zippered cover, which can be opened and so the buckwheat is able to be taken out to suit a thinner profile if desired (a pillowcase is also included). The ARA also “sleeps” cool because of its construction that also makes it a highly breathable pillow.

The ARA provides stable, firm support and is well suited for those with head, neck and shoulder issues. It is also recommended for therapeutic use and it retails it for $65.00

Differing from the ARA, the LYRA Latex Pillow (retail/$75.00) is designed for firm and high support, using a pressure-relieving elevated foam. This creates a springy, resilient feel since the pillow never flattens out. There’s also soft “give” but not so much as to create a sinking feeling as happens with memory foam pillows. Supporting the neck due to its height, the LYRAs firm texture retains less “bounce” than latex pillows typically provide. This makes for better neck support.

Similar to the ARA, the LYRA doesn’t have any flame retardants used or added and is both hypoallergenic and breathable. The natural and synthetic blend of the Talalay- processed latex has a softer, more insistent sure feel than is certified for product safety and includes an open weave knit fabric zippered cover, making for increased breathability.

Slumbr also makes the Cassiopeia, Virgo, Velo and Orion pillows, each with their own defining characteristics.

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