Nomad’s USB-C Cable 100W Is Plenty Tough

It’s not just desktops/laptops that have gotten the short end of the stick due to mobile devices near-take over; the cables that transfer data from and to desktops/laptops aren’t considered as important anymore. But the fact is that the proper transfer of data requires a well-made, efficiently proficient cable. So that’s the back-story of Nomad’s USB-C Cable 100W.

This cable is considered extremely rugged and so able to handle the stress of day to day use, along with the occasional accidental tug or strain. The physical construction encasing and protecting the data cable is of braided ballistic nylon. This provides both abrasion and tear resistance. The nylon is aided by a protective PVC jacket — not required but yet it is twice as thick as is normally the case. Working in tandem with that is a reinforced RF (radio frequency) shielding, which leads to keeping the data travel stable and in sync.

So what’s traveling through the cable? Up to 100 watts of electrical power being transferred, is what. That takes care of power needs — meaning a MacBook Pro is going to be caring up fat — but that’s not about data. To handle data the USB 3.1 Gen 2 system is able to transfer up to 10gbps (yep that’s pretty fast). Which means that 4K video isn’t going to be choked up or stuttered.

Now in full transparent disclosure, the USB-C Cable 100W works fine with USB-C compatible phones and tablets, not just MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Electronics are pretty exciting and amazing in what they can do, but no one expects any of these things to be cheap. So while Nomad’s USB-C Cable 100W retails for $39.95, it comes across as a great value proposition, thanks to the way it’s made and the way it performs.

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