Project Your Karaoke With VocoPro’s ProjectorOKE

If you like doing Karaoke then you know how frustrating it is to do it at home. Going to a Karaoke bar may not be convenient or as fun as doing it at home, but the advantage comes from having the lyrics to the songs being presented on large screens to look at. Doing it at home forces you to either memorize or have to use a TV screen or the built in tiny monitor located on the Karaoke device — none of these is as convenient. So while VocoPro’s ProjectorOKE might seem conventional when compared to other home Karaoke systems — the name gives it away: it has a built in projector for displaying lyrics on whatever flat surface you’d like.

Start with what you can see looking at it — it’s not tiny but at 6.2 lbs. obviously portable. Of course you do have to plug it in so that the amplifier driving the built-in speaker gets power. It comes with 2 wired microphones, and they’ve holders built into the back for both convenience, traveling and safety. Pull them out, plug them in and get karoaking whenever you want.

Sound comes from three sources: external, Bluetooth and a CD+G disc player. External first: there’s a 1/8th inch input for plugging in audio from a MP3 player, smartphone, etc. There’s also a USB input to use with digital files (USB drives up to 32GB, MP3/MP+G file format). Bluetooth works as expected, with the ProjectorOKE pairing up to the BT source device. That leaves the disc player.

The disc player supports CD+G and MP3+G Karaoke files — no surprise there because it’s Karaoke baby! But while the other audio sources mean that you have to look at lyrics on the source device or not at all, playing discs on the ProjectorOKE get the projector treatment. Powered independently by dual “AA” batteries, the adjustable projector head gets angled onto a surface like a nearby wall and displays the lyrics as legible text: that’s aided by the 600 Lums light level, ability of the projected beam to be focused and a maximum size of 120”. And since it’s a LED projector, there’s no hot bulb to burn out just when you’re getting your Karaoke on. Plus it’s in color!

Of course the embedded colored “light show” (found on one side with the speaker on the other) knows to dance along with the music, be it from Bluetooth or whatever. But you probably expected that. That there was a projector for displaying the lyrics situated at the top, not so much.

The ProjectorOKE has RCA audio/video inputs on the back for upping its audio/visual opportunities, and a host of tabs and knobs on the front to fiddle with. If you’re looking to Karaoke at home or at a friends, this is the all-in-one you’ve been looking for. And that goes double because of the projector. It retails for $239.00.

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