The ROXs 2S Is Kids Fitness Camouflaged As Play

Children like to be active but even more so they like playing games — that’s not something that video games or mobile games allow. So to keep them from sitting around requires a game to do more than just call on hand and eye coordination; the game needs to get the kids moving around, it needs to be physical. It needs to be the ROXs 2S.

So a quick explanation is in order — you get the ROXs 2s electronic unit, a strap for it, a wireless charger for it plus cable and eight animal PEBBs (more on that in a bit). The ROXs 2S unit has a lot built into a small oval-like shape with rubber feet that doesn’t mar a smooth surface (though used outside means grass, concrete, that sort of not Mom’s rug). There’s a vibration motor (sort of like what you get on one of those “shock” game controllers), a speaker, an accelerometer and RFID scanning tech — that’s for being able to “tell” what’s going on with something that has an RFID tag on it (the PEBBs). Rechargeable battery, obviously but also one honking bright multi-color LED light designed to be seen not just as twilight shows up.

The sensors inside mean you can tap, slap, pound on the PEBBs as they’re taken to the ROXs 2S to be registered as the game progresses (don’t worry, the PEBBs can take the abuse). And because of the built-in scanning tech, you don’t need an app to play — meaning no phone involved, it’s all self-contained. But you can use an app if you want — it has both single player as well as multiplayer in mind and there’s different games to play, as you tap, shake or hit the PEBBs. But what exactly is going on, you ask?

It’s all about moving around, being active. Think of it as a form of “tag” only with the PEBBs being what the kids are going after and which the game is responding to. Ages 6-10 means kids, but if you’re an adult, give it a go and see if you’re not short of breath afterwards like the kids are (if so, time to hit the gym and dial back on the less than healthy lifestyle).

Going from the ROXs 2S specifically, you’re being asked to find monkeys and dinosaurs and other animals — running and search and then scanning the PEBBs for the games — the kids will think it’s just silly fun, but parents will happily realize the advantage of getting their kids outside and away from the sedentary lifestyle of staring at an LCD screen.

Oh and yes it’s Bluetooth involved/working when the app is in play, so distance between isn’t an issue — it wouldn’t make sense not to have enough space to really stretch out, after all. As in about 30 x 60 feet of space.

The Roxs 2s can even be hooked up to additional units for greater gaming. And with up to 8 hours of game-play per charge, even those most active child will meet his match. But not before shedding “sitting-itis” and getting a move on. For sure that’s worth $79.00 – heck it’s priceless.

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