The ClearStream FLEX Wireless TV Antenna Gives You Cord Cutting Live TV and Recording

“Cutting the cord” means finding a different way to watch TV — one without paying a monthly fee for a cable box or satellite service. But when it comes to watching broadcast television, there’s only one way to avoid having to pay for someone’s TV service, and that is to have an over-the-air TV antenna. But what about the inconvenience of having to run a cable from the antenna to the TV, not to mention losing out on all kinds of digital technologies that enhance viewing? The solution is to get Antenna Direct’s ClearStream Flex Wireless TV Antenna.

This antenna does what the name says — it transmits its signal wirelessly so as to eliminate the need for running cables. But it does a lot more than that . So look to the installation to understand that this is one different kind of HD antenna. For one thing, no pins or nails or tape holds it to the wall; the antenna may seem to have a smooth surface but it actually possesses gripping power that holds it where its placed. Don’t like where that is, or feel you can get a better signal from outside by moving the antenna closer to a window or into another area — sure, go ahead. You can remove it without leaving any residue or impeding its abilities to grip again. Now that you’ve got it placed where you want it, do attach the ClearStream TV Wi-Fi Tuner Adapter to it where the TV connection would have been. Then plug the power cable into the tuner adapter and run that cable to an outlet. You’re almost there.

The next step is to take the downloaded app (iOS/Android) and “find” the Adapter and then go through the steps to configure your smartphone or tablet so that your local home network (Wi-Fi) sees all that is going on. Now you can start to enjoy watching TV, once you’ve used the app to scan for the available channels (like you would have done on the TV if the antenna had just even connected to it directly).

The antenna now lets you watch live TV right on the phone/tablet (only one device at a time), with pausing and backing up abilities (up to an hour back). Additionally, you can check the TV guide to see what programs are going on when, give yourself reminders and, most importantly, tell it to be sure and record your fav programs to the device you’re using. Plus you can blast through the commercials. Of course you do have to be on your Wi-Fi network to make all this happen — although recording and storing programs means you can access it at a later time no matter where you are (in addition, the use of the local Wi-Fi network obviates any issues should the Internet go out).

It should also be noted that the TV isn’t being left out: a streaming device like a Roku can be used to receive the TV signal and then display it on a TV (for Apple TV fans, “throw” the show from the mobile device to it and so then to the TV). You can also use a “splitter” (optional) to send the TV signal coming from the antenna to both the TV as well as the tuner — giving you “normal” access to programs on the big screen.

This HD antenna has an effective range of up to 40 miles to the broadcast towers and is omnidirectional. Plus it’s black on one side and white on the other as well as paintable.

The ClearStream Flex Wireless TV Antenna retails for $119.99 and that’s it — no added costs, no monthly fees. You’ve not only cut the cord to paying for watching TV, you’ve also cut the cable you once were forced to use for connecting the HD antenna to the TV. Add to that personal watching as well as DVR capabilities.

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