Lie Back and Listen To The Soft-Tones Pillow Stereo Speakers

People listening to music while in bed isn’t new, but neither is the annoyance of one person trying to sleep while the other doesn’t care. So that gave rise to earphones and smartphones, but not to being comfortable while lying in bed and trying to relax (not to mention falling asleep only to be jerked awake by a caught headphone cable or earbuds digging into your ears). What’s needed is something that does what headphones do — let you listen to music without disturbing others — while at the same time allowing for comfort. That’s the whole idea behind the Soft-Tones Pillow Stereo Speakers.

First off, there’s no batteries or recharging or app to connect to or any of that; the Soft-Tones plugs into your phone with a standard-type (supplied) 5 foot headphone cable. A nice one at that because there’s an embedded volume control. The cable detaches and so can be replaced if need be too. And while the cable is attaching to the Soft-Tones, it won’t be interfering with you because of how Soft-Tones works. Which follows now.

Soft-Tones looks a bit like someone built a pair of over-the-ears headphones out of a swath of cloth: there’s a speaker at each end and it bends so that it can be stored inside of a supplied soft pouch. The material encasing the speakers are composed of an ergonomically shaped memory foam — that means they’ll contour to your head when you place them behind your head, lying down on them. This allows each speaker to end up by one of your ears, and so allows you to hear what’s playing in stereo. The memory foam provides for a soft cushion that cradles the head placed against it, resulting in a more comfortable fit. Plus it’s all hypoallergenic.

Now as regards those speakers — they can be removed so that the memory foam can be machine-washed: if you’re an adult that means easy cleaning of any muck that your hair’s acquired and transferred, and if you’re a kid, no cooties. After cleaning it’s an easy insertion of the speakers again so no worries there either.

But the real issue is that this lets you lie in bed, relax and listen without any of the issues that headphones/earbuds bring along. Nope you can’t use it if you go onto your side (at least not easily or sensibly), but as long as you’re willing to just lie back and relax, you’re golden.

The Soft-Tones Pillow Stereo Speakers are comfortable and convenient and inexpensive. They retail for $69.95.

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