Pills Get Smart With The Memo Box Mini Smart Pill Box

Taking pills is never fun – especially if you have to do it on a regular basis, no matter if it’s one or more. The last thing anyone wants to do is have to remember to take a pill at a specific time on a specific day (or multiple pills multiple times a day). But since life isn’t about what one wants, there’s only two choices: remember to take the pill when you’re supposed to, or kick yourself every time you forget. So now let’s add a third and less painful method — the Memo Box Mini Smart Pill Box.

Yep it’s tech to the rescue — specifically Bluetooth tech mated with an app on a smartphone (iOS/Android) but with a decidedly “analogue” procedure. The pill box has 3 compartments for pills and opens/closes horizontally like any pill box. But since there’s embedded Bluetooth, there has to be a USB rechargeable internal battery. So there is. Not that the pill box is heavy due to all that, or even with the pills added.

Now because the pill box is always “on” (provided you keep the battery charged – it’s good for about a month so no worrying about constant charging), certain things become apparent, like the pill box keeping a record of it being opened and giving you both visual (light) and audible reminders from itself (the app handling things like keeping data recordings, etc.). Besides a double-dosing warning (courtesy of flashing alerts), there’s also a “snooze” button, sorta like that on an alarm clock, for delaying the pill box nagging you that it’s time to take a pill — good for when your hands aren’t free and stuff like that.

Let’s get to the app then. It can be used by the person with the pill box (or others) to customize pill reminders, aid in keeping track of when pills are being taken (as briefly noted above) and provide warnings for such things as its being left at a location when the person has left. You can also “ping” the pill box to get it to tell you it’s nestled next to the remote that’s been pushed into the couch’s pillows, or fallen on the floor just out of sight.

So basically what we have here is a simple device (i.e., a pill box with three compartments holding pills) which has been given the ability to make its presence known to the user, and keep an “eye” on what the user is doing with it. That’s all good stuff, and so is the price — the Memo Box Mini Smart Pill Box retails for $39.90, the app is free and that’s all the costs there are (except for the pills themselves).

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