Mosquito No Go Zone With The Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent

Summertime means lazy afternoons that wind into the evening. It also means BBQs, pool parties and lots of other things – many of which the warm states like California can do more months than you can in New York, because the weather cooperates better on the West Coast than it does in the East. But there’s one thing that shows up on both coasts that nobody wants and that’s mosquitos. Which is why having the Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent is worth taking along.

Let’s start with what it does, not “how.” The Radius discharges into the atmosphere and mosquitos are repelled by what is put out — as far as humans are concerned, there is no scent. This is accomplished through a cartridge filled with a specialized liquid that becomes an aerosol. The distance that this covers is 110 square feet — that’s a good amount of room outside and certainly more than enough for those seated at a picnic table (or otherwise) or traipsing through a garden or backyard or on a patio. Or it could be around a campfire area — it’s always going to be outside obviously, but you get the idea. Since the Radius is compact and there’s no cord, portability is key and valid for taking it along.
Now as to “how’ the Radius gets by without a power plug or burning fuel to do its job: a rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides the power to get the area covered in mosquito repellents air. That makes it not just more portable but also easier to use as well — besides also making it air-travel friendly and able to operate consistently regardless of the elevation in which it’s being used (not the case where fuel is involved). By the way, the Radius is also weather resistant and impact resistant/durable enough to handle being used outdoors — which is the only place it’s going to be used, so not having this wouldn’t make any sense at all! Time to mention also that it’s DEET-free and necessarily safe for humans and pets to be around when it’s in operation.

So in use and thanks to it being battery driven, you get 6+ hours before it needs recharging via USB. But since the Thermacell engineers actually understand how important it is to keep mosquitos at bay, the Radius sensibly can be used while it is being recharged. Add push button ease of use and and a built-in timer for turning it off and it’s all good (not so for the mosquitos though). And just in case you’re wondering, it’s not “turn it on and keep it on till the cartridge is empty,” but use and turn off when done, then use again.

The Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent includes a 12 hour cartridge and uses 40 hour refills (sold separately). A USB battery charger is also included. It retails for $49.99

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