Tap Tag Is The Smart Tap & Touch Pet Locator Tag

Most people will tell you that they don’t let their pets — dogs or cats — roam free. And it’s a rare pet owner who hasn’t experience that “gotcha” moment of wondering where their dog and cat is. Bring backyards into the mix along with human error, and the chance of a pet getting out on its own and out of sight exists in far too large numbers (1 in 3 pets getting lost during their lifetimes, according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy). But what keeps pet owners from using modern technology is their high cost — cellular charges and Wi-Fi services seem complicated as well as expensive. That’s why My Pet’s Tap Tag employs high-tech while still going a simple route.

The Tap Tag has no batteries, nothing to recharge and no monthly subscriptions to pay. It’s a passive device, but one that can have real value should your pet whose wearing it leave your sight. It’s predicted rightly on the proposition of most pets being found within a few miles of home. Plus it takes into account that other pet owners are willing to help — which most are.

Here’s how it works: the tag utilizes NFC and QR code which is accessed by tapping the tag or scanning the QR code with a smartphone — enabling the person to contact the pet owner (email, text, phone). It also shares the GPS location along with contact details of the person who has found the pet. Also viewable is the pet profile set up by the owner beforehand to indicate important things such as medical information that could be pertinent (allergies, medications).

[The profile online also allows for the owner receiving alerts, planning medication reminders and noting all of the pet’s care providers, i.e., veterinarian,etc.]

The Tap Tag is waterproof (vital) and employs a cloud server, for which the owner does not ever pay any service fee for. It simply goes on the pet’s collar and that’s it. But perhaps the best part is that its very, very low cost (retail/$19.95) pretty much insures that it will be put on that collar. Let’s hope it never needs to be used, but it will be there just in case.

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