Cut The Stress With The Spire Stone

Ever notice that when someone gets upset or excited, the default answer is to tell them to “breathe”? Now obviously breathing is a requirement for staying alive, but it’s also true that your breathing is affected by what is going on around you, and then in turn affects you as well — creating a potentially dangerous circle when stress attacks. But how can you make an effort to stop something if you don’t know that it’s happening in the first place? With all those “wearables” out there, isn’t there something that could work with you as you go about daily life? Turns out there is — it’s called Spire Stone.

The Spire Stone looks like a stone but of course is full of electronics (Bluetooth being one) and utilizes a clip so it can be placed on oneself either in full view or unobtrusively (worn in front of the pants on the belt area or inside or at the front of a bra). Being battery powered, it’s self contained and an active device whose purpose is to monitor your breathing all the time. Working in conjunction with an app (iOS/Android), this data is constantly being analyzed so as to take a base line where all is fine (i.e., breathing normally because life is good, or at least your normal “okay”) as opposed to when things suddenly take a turn for the worse (i.e., an increase in stress, a panic attack, etc.). Knowledge is power, or in this case knowledge is knowing that your breathing is giving you a warning so that you can moderate/modify yourself and return to that “okay” state.

Here’s what you do: having charged the Spire Stone (and already done the pairing and downloaded the app to your phone), you place the Spire on your body and then that’s that. Leave it to the respiration sensor monitoring your breathing patterns as that is what is doing the heavy lifting. Since it’s designed to be a part of your daily life, durability is important but being highly water resistant is a must. So it is.

Since your breath patterns are being monitored constantly, just take a look at the app’s home screen to see a visual indication of how things are going: as an example seeing a smooth rolling breath-wave means thumbs up. But seeing something else means it’s time to take action. But since you obviously can’t be looking at the app all the time (although some will argue that most people are near constantly looking at their phone anyway), the app knows to alert you should your breathing pattern change — or in other words, become erratic or suddenly get very rapid. You get a notification (happening in real time), along with suggestions as to what to do. To be realistic also, in many cases, just realizing that you need to calm down can be all that is required to get you to start calming down. But having a “buddy” to help this along doesn’t hurt one bit.

FYI, the app does more than just wag a finger at you; visual breathing exercises and guided mini-meditation sessions are right there for your use if desired. As is a profile with timelines showing how your breathing has been going throughout the day (as in calm, tense, active and focused). This lets you reflect on the day and hopefully understand what those triggers are that are causing you stress and making your day less pleasant (not to mention your life in general).

The internal battery of the Spire Stone runs for 10 days on a single charge, so there’s no getting around not using it. Plus it comes with a wireless charging pad, so no stress there either. It retails for $149.00.

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