This Star Fighter Is A Star Wars X-Wing Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere and frankly they’re boring to look at — sure it’s all about the sound, but that doesn’t mean that a brick shape is cool. So go all Star Wars instead with this Star Wars X-Wing Bluetooth Speaker because it’s way more cool to be looking at.

The Star Wars X-Wing Bluetooth Speaker is a replica of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and it’s official to look just like what you’re seeing in the film. No it doesn’t fly or shoot lasers — but it’s impressive to stare at just the same. That’s partially because it’s not a small replica but a large one that stands out with details, be that the four wing-mounted laser cannons or the blacked out cockpit. So that’s for the eyes, while the base it rests on takes care of the audio side of things.

Okay it’s not totally true that nothing lights up: the base does light up when it’s in use. It’s not lasers but still you can’t have an intergalactic star fighter seated on a speaker that doesn’t light up!

Now Bluetooth means wireless audio coming from your phone or tablet or laptop. And not right on top of it either — up to 33 feet away is fine. Powering everything — meaning the speaker that is loud enough to be worth having — is a rechargeable battery using a USB connection (making it easy to charge up with a USB wall outlet adapter or a USB power supply). Once juiced, the speaker and electronics get plenty of power for plenty of time, so no worries there.

But it’s not all about the audio device doing the streaming and that once you’ve turned it on, that’s the end. There’s a speakerphone built in to handle calls — just press the button on the left front side when a call comes in to holler hi. The right side has a microphone icon — but it’s not about the mic because that’s also built in and always ready — it’s for pressing and activating Siri, if you’re an iPhone fan, or Google Now if Android’s your thing. This lets you do hands-free voice activation to do stuff, which is pretty cool too.

The Star Wars X-Wing Bluetooth Speaker comes in a big plastic see-through box (measuring some 10x10x10”) so its like having it on display. Because it’s licensed after all. But it’s more fun to take it out and use it, so do. It retails for $49.95.

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